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60 seconds with Rosa Downing, Developer

We caught up with Rosa to see what it’s like being a Developer at Dog.


60 seconds with Amy Lightbody, Digital Producer

After 1 year with us at Dog, we caught up with Amy to see what it’s like being a Digital Producer at Dog.


How Google Phase-Out of Third-Party Cookies affects Website Owners and Digital Marketing

Google has been talking about phasing out third-party cookies for years – but now, it’s finally happening. To be 100% accurate, it’s already happened for 1% of Google Chrome users and it will reach 100% of users by the end of 2024.


The Digital Markets Act will be implemented in March 2024. What is it and what do you need to do?

The new European Digital Markets Act (DMA) will come into effect in March 2024 and one purpose of the DMA is to ensure the six dominant digital platforms are transparent in the way they collect users’ data. Read more to find out what this means for you and your business.


Deepen customer engagement, empower your marketing team and scale your business.

In today's dynamic and competitive business landscape, customer relationship management (CRM) has evolved from being a mere software solution to an indispensable strategy for sustainable growth and success. A well-planned CRM strategy can significantly impact a business in many ways, making it a vital investment for any organization.


Let's 'invest in the dreamers of tomorrow'

Our Head of Creative Ed shares his thoughts after attending BIMA's Creativity on the Map Event.


Unleashing Creativity - Exploring the AI revolution in visual communication

We’re diving into a new era that’s going to empower creatives, fundamentally transforming the way we convey messages and craft captivating visual experiences for brands. So how will AI reshape visual communication? Here are a few thoughts. 


Deinfluencing puts brand transparency into the spotlight

Discover the growing trend of 'deinfluencing' and its impact on brand transparency. As consumers demand more honesty, social media influencers are using their platforms to discourage support for certain brands. Our Paid Media Executive Scott King explains how this movement highlights the need for greater responsibility and transparency from brands and creators.


Email marketing and the SCARF model: An opportunity for 2023

Good newsletters and email content = more opportunities to stay top of mind in a way that’s influential over the long term. Senior Marketing Strategist Helen Davidson explores the brand-building opportunity of email when considered as part of the behavioural science checklist, the SCARF model.


Creating an Epic Campaign for The Royal Highland Show 2023

In this article, we’d like to share with you the process we took in creating The Royal highland Show's 2023 campaign and the joy it brought us working with a freelance illustrator to activate our vision.


Google Analytics 4 Auto Migration: Why You Should Opt Out

Google Analytics 4 is designed to provide more accurate and detailed insights into user behaviour on your website. With just three months to go, Google will attempt to start auto-migrating your Universal Analytics properties to Google Analytics (GA4), but we recommend that you opt-out of this auto-migration, as this isn’t as simple as it seems.


Brand Awareness: Defining, Measuring, and implementing it into your marketing strategy

"Brand Awareness" seems quite self-explanatory. Is it only about people hearing about your brand? Our Marketing Manager, Gordon McCaw shares all the knowledge you need to create a successful brand awareness strategy.


Mediocrity: The problem with algorithms

Strategist Helen Davidson explores why algorithms, while offering obvious benefits, have led to a tendency towards mediocre content appearing on consumers' feeds.


Google Analytics & GDPR: A Difficult Relationship

Christophe, our Insights and Technical Analytics Manager, explains what’s at stake now that Austria, France and Italy have ruled that Google Analytics is breaching GDPR.


You need better data: How to turn your website into an intelligence hub

In this article, Insights and Technical Manager, Christophe Goasduff will explore the perspective that a website should serve as a functioning part of a brand’s marketing strategy, a hub of intelligence at the centre of a brand’s marketing ecosystem.


Uncharted Territory and the end of ‘Test-and-Learn’ 

Our Senior Marketing Manager Gillian explains why digital marketers can no longer rely on 'test-and learn' - and what they can do in the face of changing customer behaviour.


GA4: A new era in Web Analytics

As the end of the road approaches for Google Universal Analytics, Insights and Technical Manager, Christophe, explores what’s next as we prepare to fully embrace GA4.


Post-iOS 14 & The Cookieless Future: Navigating The New Digital Landscape

It’s no secret to digital marketers across the globe that Apple’s iOS14 update at the start of 2021 threw a spanner in the works of results-focused digital advertising. Dog Marketing Manager Gordon shares some tips for adapting to the changing digital environment.


Umbraco Together 2021 Conference

Last Friday some of the Dog development team set out to the Umbraco Together 2021 conference in Glasgow. This was one of 3 mini Umbraco festivals taking place in the UK at the same time, alongside London and Bristol.


Brilliant Individuals: Shaun Birkmyre, Front End Developer

The newest member of our Development team, Shaun Birkmyre, fills us in on his time so far at Dog.


Dog Digital named a 2020 Sitecore Experience Award Winner

Dog Digital today announced it has won a Sitecore Experience Award (SEA) in the Most Sophisticated Implementation category (EMEA-South region) for its work with Comgest S.A. The agency was recognized for its delivery of a personalised, multi-lingual, multi-country, and multi-audience experience based on Sitecore XP 9.


Marrying stories with checkouts

We know that building brands and creating authentic brand experiences is ultimately more effective in driving growth over the longer term, accumulating effect and weathering challenging times and competitive markets. But that takes time. So how can we align these two ambitions without the detriment of the other - sell more product while nurturing the brand experience?


Challenges and Opportunities of Advertising on Radio and Streaming Services

With 87% of the population tuning into the radio every week, along with the adoption of smart speakers in the home, it’s no surprise that radio is a huge consideration within any of our media plans.


What Women Want

Last month, we visited MediaCom North Manchester for the inspiring ‘Women In Marketing’ event, held in collaboration with Kantar, to learn more about the changing landscape of marketing to women by looking into the past, present and future. Here's what we took away from the day.


Seasonal Marketing: Should your brand be celebrating everything?

Where should brands draw the line at promoting various celebrations, commemorations and national days?


Big in 2020

We’ve asked around the Dog office to find out and round-up the topics and trends we believe will shape the future of how we work and what we will produce in 2020 and beyond.


60 seconds with Gillian Young, Media Manager

We caught up with Gillian to see what makes Dog's Media team such a dynamic and collaborative team to be a part of, and where it supports and compliments other services.


Ladies of Code

At this month's Ladies of Code meet-up, our very own Head of Development, Kimberly Blessing, delivered a talk all about Progressive Web Apps.


Challenging the next generation to enter the digital industry

As part of BIMA Digital Day, Dog went to Lenzie Academy to help their students complete one of three sponsored challenges for a chance to be crowned BIMA Digital Day champions.


Dog named one of the top digital agencies in the UK

Dog is proud to announce we're part of Econsultancy’s Top 100 Digital Agencies Report for the 5th year in a row. We're also one of the top two agencies in Scotland.


PPC and SEO: Your online marketing ‘bread and butter’

How do you best ensure consumers find your business within the foreign territory that is the search engine results pages (SERPs) of Google and Bing? The answer – a flawless PPC and SEO strategy.


Kirsty Burns: TRC Special Edition Class of 2019

We caught up with Account Director, Kirsty, for a quick Q+A to hear all about how she’s feeling ahead of starting TRC’s Special Edition programme this year.


Proximity Marketing and how we target people effectively

Using proximity based mobile display to reach consumers in real-time at the most opportune moment.


One year on: Discover how Fiona's first year has gone with Dog

With Dog for just over a year, this is Fiona’s first agency-side job in the industry, so naturally we wanted to find out how the first 12 months have panned out.


The Macallan x Richard Gaston

To celebrate the launch of The Macallan’s new expression, The Macallan Estate, the brand wanted to capture their Speyside home in a way that had never been seen before.


How to use Schema markup to gain competitive advantage

Joannie McLellan and Christophe Goasduff discuss this largely unsung hero of the technical SEO world.


Supercharging strategy: The role of audiences

Taking an audience-insight led approach to marketing and media strategy will deliver huge benefits.


Brand safety in a programmatic world

How can you protect your brand and utilise programmatic advertising more effectively? These 4 best practices will help you keep your brand safe during campaigns.


3 ways to beat social content block

When you’re posting on social channels daily, content ideas can run dry pretty quickly – maybe your brand has an element of seasonality which leaves you with quiet spells, some posts have fallen through or you’re just having writer’s block. Never fear, we’ve got you covered with 3 tips to find content ideas for social channels when your usual sources fail you.

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