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60 seconds with Rosa Downing, Developer

We caught up with Rosa to see what it’s like being a Developer at Dog.

Rosa Downing

Rosa Downing


How long have you worked at Dog? 

'Coming up on three years!'


What does a typical day look like for you? 

'I walk to work, maybe getting a wee Greggs en-route, then settle in for a day of working on anywhere between 1 and 4 client projects. Occasionally I’ll have a few meetings, hopefully pet a few dogs and frequently indulge in some goss about the latest dramas on X.'


What’s been the most memorable project you’ve worked on at Dog? 

'Probably Sterling Homes as it was a biggie. It was also my first e-comm site and probably the steepest learning curve to date in my career.'


What would you say to someone who wants to join Dog? 

'As a developer, I learnt more in my first week at Dog than I had learnt in about 3 years of my graduate developer career up to that date, so if you want a challenge – it’s the place to be. Now in particular, is an exciting time to join Dog. We are settling into a new phase of work with lots of big projects coming up.'


Finally, if your job had a theme tune what would it be? 

'Break My Soul – Beyonce. Just kidding...Everything Connected by Jon Hopkins. This is the only type of thing I can listen to when developing as songs with words make me lose focus!' 

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