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Proximity Marketing

Using proximity based mobile display to reach consumers in real-time at the most opportune moment.

At Dog, we’re proud to have a niche in selling tickets right across the events sector, including music, theatre, sport, culture and large-scale exhibitions. Within such a cluttered market, our job is to get client campaigns to stand out from the competition, all while making sometimes limited media budgets work as hard as they can. In this article, we talk about how we’re using proximity based mobile display to reach consumers in real-time at the most opportune moment in order to drive event bookings.

Real-time targeting

Hyper-targeted geo tagging allows us to retarget users in ‘real-time’, while the event is front of mind. For example, we can use proximity targeting to pinpoint audiences who attended a specific gig, at a specific venue and serve them digital ads of that same artist on the bill of an upcoming music festival. We can also target these audiences post event so, if an artist returns, we can tap into historical data and retarget users who were at the previous show and target them with ads for the new gig. This is also great way to get around sticky GDPR when customer email lists are off limits or non-accessible from 3rd parties, making remarketing tricky.

Amplifying offline: More bang for your buck

Using proximity targeting also allows a fully joined up approach between digital and offline marketing. Granularly geo-syncing outdoor sites with hyper-targeted display means that we capitalise on the awareness driven by out of home with a strong call to action and ability for the user to book there and then. This method amplifies an offline media campaign, meaning more bang for buck with the budget by ensuring the consumer is exposed to the brand’s message across multiple channels, magnifying its memorability and impact.

'Real-life' interest targeting

Proximity targeting is also a great way of finding groups of relevant users ‘hanging out’ in the right places – think of this as ‘real-life’ interest-based targeting. Geo-fencing certain locations such as music venues, theatres, art galleries or ‘trendy’ bars etc. means reaching users who are likely to sit within a specific persona type.

Getting the context right

Through proximity targeting, we are also able to target contextual environments, creating a holistic approach whereby we’re targeting the right people, with the right message, at the right time. This works particularly well at Christmas for our theatre clients where we target people attending Christmas markets with ads for festive shows and pantomimes.

Completely customised

Any geotargeting method is also layered with interest data targeting to make sure we’re only reaching users in market, ensuring minimum wastage. Using both first and third party data, we build comprehensive and detailed audiences, completely custom to each specific campaign and message. One size definitely does not fit all and nothing from Dog comes off the shelf!

Using the above methods, we’re achieving great returns for our events clients, driving awareness with key audiences, in real time, in order to get bums on seats. Find out more about how we can help deliver real-time proximity targeting on your campaign today!

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