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60 seconds with Amy Lightbody, Digital Producer

After 1 year with us, we caught up with Amy to see what it’s like being a Digital Producer at Dog.

Amy Lightbody

Amy Lightbody

Project Management

What’s a typical day like for you at Dog? 

“No day is the same at Dog – it's fast paced, dynamic and always ever-changing. 

We have our daily stand up each morning to get an overview of everything that is happening in the studio. This usually highlights any blockers so we can get ahead of any incoming challenges. Aside from meetings and client touchpoints, my task list consists of project management, campaign coordination and strategic planning. Although I need to be very flexible in my role, I therefore expect regular curveballs and the occasional fire-fighting to land on my desk at any time!"

How does your role integrate with the other teams at Dog?

"A huge part of my job depends on collaboration. Therefore, I work extremely closely with everyone across client services, marketing, design and technology. This is one of my favourite things about working at Dog, as I get to work with and learn from experts across different disciplines. And ultimately, leveraging the strengths of each team and individual, allows us to deliver campaigns and projects efficiently and above our clients' expectations."

What’s the most memorable moment you’ve had working at Dog so far? 

“I would say The Open campaign for Ben Lomond Gin last summer. It was so exciting to be part of the campaign activation – from strategy to photoshoots to channel activation, it was such a fun campaign to work on. The most memorable part for me was the Mia Baker shoot in Surrey which consisted of airport disasters, 6am call times, whizzing about on golf buggies and making gin cocktails in the glorious Surrey sunshine! 

And I’m ready to do it all over again for The Open in Troon this year.”

Finally, could you describe your job in 3 emojis? 

“🤝🎢💻. Collaborative, a bit of a rollercoaster and everything digital!” 

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