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The team at Dog is diverse, with talented individuals from every discipline of communication. To make sure we achieve what we’ve set out to do, we apply our deceptively simple process:

Plan. Make. Promote. Manage.


Our approach focuses on you, your target audiences and the world they live and work in. We understand that activity based on intelligence is the only way to engineer a positive impact. 

Everything we do for our clients, whether a marketing campaign, a digital platform, or even a creative film, is driven by a considered strategy and underpinned by detailed research carried out using the latest tools, techniques and analytics.


Ideas inspire people. Technology enables you to communicate those ideas. And creative talent integrates ideas and technology together beautifully to maximise impact. This stage in our process is where intelligent communications strategies are brought to life by persuasive ideas, technology and creative talent. 

Whether we’re producing an MPU, creating a piece of multimedia content or designing and building a complex corporate website, we make things that help you connect with the people you want to target. Our aim is to improve and grow your organisation and our blend of ideas, technology and talent enables us to make things that make a difference.


With so many touch points for people to interact with brands, from websites to social media ads, and the cluttered space where brands compete for attention, communications is a complex business in today’s world.

But with the right strategy, ideas and tools, great opportunities exist. We identify those opportunities and use relevant techniques and tools to help you market your brand and your products. We act as a guide through an ever changing marketing landscape, empowering you to talk to the people you want to, in the right context, at the most appropriate time, with persuasive ideas that resonate.


We manage everything we've talked about so far and our agency takes an agile approach to every service. The way we work ensures efficient project delivery and effective cross team and client collaboration. We use Facetime, Podio, Microsoft Teams and good old face-to-face meetings to encourage open communication and transparency at every stage.

Projects are run by commercially aware individuals who think strategically while getting things done. Our client services and project management teams are a rare breed, interested in your industries, committed to your business strategies and dedicated to the successful delivery of projects. Traits that make for great working relationships.

Managing projects may be the final stage of our process to be engaged, but it's a crucial one.

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Individual is brilliant.
The pack is formidable.

Our Team