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Why use our Sitecore services?

We've been a Sitecore technology partner for over 10 years and have delivered award-winning websites of all sizes for our clients. From small, perfectly formed, brochure-ware sites through to complex Digital Platforms that leverage Sitecore's full marketing potential, we know Sitecore inside out. And we can leverage this knowledge so you get the best out of the platform, and the most efficient use of your budget and time.

Our key Sitecore services

Personalisation and CRM integration

Understanding who your individual users are allows your site to respond through messaging, tone of voice and creative to be relevant to that user, in that moment. And we can set up personas and profile cards based on your known audience groups to allow your site to respond in a general manner to your various user groups. But add in the power of the Sitecore Rules Engine – combined with information on the individual user, either by using CRM integration or from Social Login – allows you to start a conversation unique to that particular customer. It’s pretty powerful stuff and it helps build customers for life.

Customer experience platforming

In terms of usability, customisation and speed, our Customer Experience Platform is second to none. For starters, you get two interfaces to manage your site. The Content Editor is a familiar and logical tree structure, with menus and buttons putting your editors only a click or two away from the action they require. For the more visually oriented, there's the Page Editor, where content can be managed in-situ, fully-styled so results can be seen instantly. So you get a fully integrated platform, where editors, marketers, and business owners can collaborate to create individual customer experiences.

Digital Marketing System (DMS) control

We use Sitecore DMS to embed the controls for digital marketing in the same place your editors are using to manage content – meaning you don’t have to move from one module to another to achieve what you need. Our expertise combined with your knowledge of your business can get you to a great starting point for your website, but making assumptions about your visitors is risky. That's why we test our content. Sitecore makes it easy to set up split A/B and multi-variant tests and will report back exactly what content worked and what didn't. So now you're letting your audience make your key decisions for you.

Our Sitecore case studies

  • Comgest - Providing a multinational asset brand with a global solution
  • Hawksford - A site transformation to engage a global audience
  • Heineken - A future-proof solution for a forward-thinking brand