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Why use our Web Build services?

Your website is often the first port-of-call whenever potential clients or customers want to interact with your brand or service. So in some ways, it’s your most important resource. Our vast experience building and maintaining web sites and applications has come from 20+ years at the frontline of the digital industry. And it’s this knowledge in combination with continuous development that we bring to every web build, meaning your company’s in safe hands.

Our key Web Build services

Technical solution design

There are no pre-packaged solutions here. We work to understand your requirements and design a technical solution that fits the brief. This is all geared to ensure the end product is a live, working web site or application – approved by you, and supported by our team for as long as required. We can also help with hosting and long-term server and software maintenance – as well as being on call any time you need to add new features or integrations to the platform. 

Content management system implementation

We make it easy to keep your site’s information fresh. We can also tie your CMS into various analytics and CRM platforms, so you can acquire valuable data about your visitors and use that to personalise a customer’s experience. And of course, when we’re designing a website, or even if we’re updating a few pages – we always do it with one eye on what content it will contain. We plan ahead to enable video, imagery or copy to flow seamlessly into the layout. Meaning we don’t design and build first, and you ask questions about content later.

Bespoke software development solutions

Dog’s developers and QA team work collaboratively with your team – as well as our designers and project managers – to ensure we’re always on track to meet the goals and vision for the project. We work in agile sprints, iteratively building, testing, and reviewing pieces of functionality. This gives us the ability to pivot if new requirements come to light, or if the goals for the project change. Whether you need a complex logistics platform or a mobile app, we can deliver. After all, the web is a powerful software development platform – so we take advantage of that and create the right solution for your business.

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