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Why use our UX & Insights services?

Effective digital experiences need to provide intuitive, compelling journeys for users and nudge them toward specific actions. Our team considers what information the customer expects – and in what order – what they require to complete this journey and how this engagement can be measured. Analysis of this data informs future strategies, assesses the performance of our efforts, and enables us to gain a holistic view of your entire marketing mix. Put simply, when collected and interpreted correctly by our team, data is the most powerful tool in your kit.

Our key Customer Experience and Insight services:


Certified in Google Analytics, Sitecore Marketing, and having used both Twitter and Facebook’s analytics packages since day one, our team of specialists can help you with audits, custom reports, and configuration.

Tracking and Measurement

To ensure your business objectives are being met, it’s important your website is measuring the correct metrics and dimensions. Our team can help you to review, refine and define a measurement framework that meets your business goals – including looking after tag management and the deployment of marketing pixels and tracking tools.

Reporting and Dashboards

Real-time reporting helps you monitor the performance of not only your website, but also your key business metrics, allowing everyone to see a single source of truth.

Insights and Optimisation

Bringing together the most relevant data and conversion tracking from various sources, we work closely with marketing teams to ensure campaign goals can be fully tracked, reported, measured and optimised through measuring engagement and A+B testing.

Customer Experience

Our UX and Usability Team uses a range of tools to measure and gain insight to ensure your customers are engaging with content in a way that drives them forward – and creates compelling experiences that lead to goal conversions.

Persona Development

We're in the people business and create work that connects with them. Getting to know the customers you want to interact with helps to focus efforts on a defined set of user groups, and avoids any assumption-based decisions being made.

Content Architecture

Our UX team uses insight gained from the Research & Planning phases, together with the Persona Development research to understand the context of content and structure it in a way that balances customer needs with your business goals.

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