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For Scottish Mortgage progress is measured over the long-term. Helping entrepreneurs to take their vision of the future and turn it into a reality doesn’t happen overnight. Their mission is to identify the exceptional companies and entrepreneurs set to build the future of the economy, and invest in them early to provide the strongest possible return on investment. It’s this philosophy that underpinned our creative thinking and inspired our core idea for the brand’s visual identity.

Developing Invest in Progress

Scottish Mortgage is an investment trust aiming to identify, own and support the world’s most exceptional growth companies. Their goal is to provide their investors with above-average returns whilst making a positive impact on society.

Our challenge was to build a brand identity and launch campaign befitting one of the world’s most successful investment trusts.

The Scottish Mortgage ethos is underpinned by their philosophy of Investing in Progress, and it was this ethos where our thinking began. Through a series of brand workshops, we developed how the theory of Moore’s Law could be applied to Scottish Mortgage and their new visual identity.

Design Thinking

Moore’s Law asserts that growth is exponential. Based on the doubling of transistors on a microchip every two years, the law expects the speed and capability of our computers to increase every two years. Scottish Mortgage believes that this theory of predictable progress underpins many of today’s great growth companies, and why investing early and over the long term ultimately leads to long-term growth.

1920X Moores Law

We took this theory into our early designs, which represented the doubling of computing capacity through a shape that represented the dynamic nature of progress, with growth rippling out from its original form. This graphic shape laid the foundation for our development of unique graphic properties for Scottish Mortgage – a three dimensional structure from which we created a range of dynamic static and motion assets.

1920X965 Mockups 01
1920X965 Paralax 2

Campaign Launch Visualising the Future

The launch campaign brought Scottish Mortgages’ vision of the future to life through a series of digital, print and out-of-home advertising that demonstrated their desire to find and fund the ideas of the future, and the entrepreneurs behind them.

1920X965 Mockups 02

The ads each represented the spread of Scottish Mortgage investments and the sectors where they see the possibility of wholescale transformation. A futuristic, holographic effect was used to move the core brand visuals into different visions of the future across healthcare, transport and commerce.

1920X965 Mockups 03