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Our Team

The story
behind Dog

Founded in 1996, Dog was set up as an independent agency to provide unique solutions for the newly emerging digital landscape. While the industry has changed beyond recognition, we’re still innovating and disrupting today – and our clients tell us it’s our creativity, leadership and drive to unlock new opportunities for their businesses as some of the key characteristics that differentiate us.



Alex Wilson

Alex founded Dog in 1996 and his vision at the very beginning continues to fuel its success.

Continuously driving Dog forward from both a creative and a technical point-of-view, Alex is a born storyteller and he uses this ability to transform client needs into visually and verbally engaging narratives.


Gerry McCusker

Passionate about driving digital excellence and developing talent, Gerry continues to push Dog to be at the forefront of emerging technologies.

He is currently the Chair of BIMA Scotland and a member of the Scottish Government’s National Skills & Enterprise Board.

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David Hamilton

It’s David’s role to develop and service Dog's global business concerns across an ever-growing network, which means you’ll find him racking up the air miles between London, Glasgow and Singapore – and everywhere in-between.

He loves anything electronic or IT-related and never goes anywhere without his running shoes and swimming goggles.

Our people make us who we are. It’s a familiar refrain, but at Dog, the importance we place on our people is woven not only into our culture, but how we do business.

Recognising their input is one thing, but collaborating together, learning from each other and growing as a pack not only improves our company, it can transform yours too.

Meet our
Dog People

Alex Petrie

Make-up addict & art lover with a penchant for Martinis.

Azwan Isa

Outdoor enthusiast, or (in excessively inclement weather) bogged down in otherworldly stories.

Barbra Kolasinski

Double award-winning vodka enthusiast.

Caron Tait

Either saying “I’m just conscious of time…” or “okay, SO next steps?”

Charlotte Thompson

Sometimes I like to sing what I think, hear or see and sometimes I don’t.

Chloe Lambert

Fast girl.

Christophe Goasduff

Enjoys red wine and riding his motorcycle. (Not at the same time)

Claire Taylor

Always a pleasure, never a chore.

Clancy McMahon

Hispanophile on a diet of football, politics and my dog.

Clara Harold

I am not superstitious, but I am a little stitious.

Corinne Black

I love fast cars and F1. My older brother still can't beat me in a road race. Maybe one day I'll let him win.

Craig Wilson

A dog with a love for bikes and boarding.

David Clunas

If not now then when? Cycling, photography and ceramics.

Debbie Ferguson

Chinese food addict. Crazy Cat Lady who spends far too much money adding to my trainer collection.

Ed Walker

Fair weather cyclist, DITryer, grade 3 nappy changer, kerning pedant and champion of dad humour. Will accept cookies.

Geoff Angus

Code, coffee, cats, Chopin.

George Lyons

Once appeared as a palm tree (non-speaking) in a production of The Jungle Book.

Gillian Calderwood

Love my fur-babies Alfie and Dotti, snacks, cleaning, boxsets and naps.

Gillian Rae

Lover of country music and cheese. (Essentially the same thing)

Gordon McCaw

Lover of romantic comedies, the Great British Bake Off, penguins… and Slipknot’

Helen Davidson

Joanna Harrod

Can climb mountains but can't cross roads.

Kamil Cyganiak

Spends too much time (and money) on his 3D printer and computer hardware.

Karri Morgan

Has the ability to find an excuse to buy anything, especially designer shoes, lover of drinking Prosecco and complaining there is no Diet Coke in the tuck shop.

Kimberly Blessing

Hailing from Philadelphia, I’ve swapped scrapple for haggis and Schuylkill Punch for IrnBru, but I won’t give up the word ‘jawn’

Laura Clift

Lover of good skincare and red wine. Partial to a French tuck.

Laura Colford

Just trying to keep my desk plants alive.

Lee Perez

Film buff, travelling enthusiast and fantasy books lover.

Liam Penman

Continuous leg bouncer and ultimate fidget.

Lisa Bonner

It will all be fine.

Lynne Finnigan

Crazy plant lady. Lover of metal music, reading, and F1.

Marc Wright

I was once told that owning 30 pairs of Dr Martens was not a personality trait. I chose not to listen.

Mark Elder

When I'm not designing stuff, you can find me on the golf course.

Matthew McPherson

It's whisky and chips all the way down.

Paul Mitchell

Gamer, Gooner, listener, consumer (of beer mostly). My niece says I'm a man child. Who am I to argue?

Rosa Downing

An old soul in new shoes.

Scott King

Professional barista, keen martial artist. Lover of sweets, dogs (Golden Retrievers) and spiced rum.

Shaun Birkmyre

Dreams of having a man cave, complete with a golf simulator and home gym.

Victoria Hepburn

Indian food fanatic, serial book-club member, and wants to be amazing at yoga. (But isn’t)

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