Our past guides our future

Head of Planning, David Haggerty, explains Dog's vision as the agency reaches a milestone, turning 20 years old.


Dog celebrates turning 20 years old this year. In taking a moment to look back at where we began it is clear the agency has grown a lot in our time, in staff size and capability, in the number and calibre of clients and in the global locations we operate from.

We’re proud to have supported many careers to blossom and of the quality work we have produced with great clients, many of whom have worked with us for many years.

Moving forward we have ambition to grow our business further still, but we also know we have something to protect: our passion for what we do, the quality of our output and our culture.

We have planned  for growth carefully. Our vision is clear.

What we know.

Today we can see marketing and technology converging like we always knew it would. The rise in conversation around customer experience and the strategic importance of it among our clients is testament to this. 

The customer is king. Marketers always knew this.

Technology gives the individual unlimited access to information, anywhere and anytime they want it. Technology puts the individual in control. Technologists always knew this.

Technology and marketing can and should inform and assist each other to improve communication, service and relationship between business, brand and customer. Dog always knew this.

What we believe.

Brands still need to establish shared meaning, they still need awareness and to stand out from the crowd. But in today’s consumer world, shared experience must quickly turn into personal experience if an individual is to be converted and retained as a customer.

More than ever we must celebrate and strive for individual. Here’s what we mean by that:

  • Individual means standing out creatively, it means noticeability
  • Individual means media that targets people rather than segments
  • Individual means social strategies that talk with people, not at them
  • Individual means web experiences that personalise based on an individual’s preferences and behaviour

And, as an agency we believe in the value and importance of attracting and supporting creative and considered individuals within our business. Without them we achieve nothing.

A challenge you can’t tackle alone.

Striving for individual through marketing and technology experiences will have a great impact on a business’ efforts to deliver against the broader, cross-discipline ambition to improve customer experience.

No marketing, technology or customer service team can tackle this alone, whilst their skillsets are each crucial to getting CX right there must be collaboration across all business functions.

And, indeed no single agency can deliver ‘customer experience’ for a client. You cannot do it from the outside and it would be insincere for any agency to suggest it has all the skills or in-depth knowledge to tackle every task to be considered in the realms of CX.

However, an agency like Dog - an agency with an appreciation and acumen in the different but increasingly complementary and interdependent worlds of technology and marketing - can work with clients to disrupt and significantly improve the digital touchpoints of customer experience.

We have individuals of specialist skill across these broad disciplines of marketing and technology and they each offer great value. But it is by forming a pack around every client challenge that we can deliver the greatest result. The pack shares knowledge, generates ideas and refines thinking in order to find the best solution.

We bring in the right individuals, the right pack, to find the right answers to each challenge set, but one member of the pack is always there, right in the middle of the action: the client.

In today’s marketing context, an agency with a vision, collaborative process and core skillsets like those here at Dog is more relevant and essential than ever.

This is not a new agency, this is a celebration and better representation of who we’ve always been and what we’ve always believed.

Individual is brilliant. The pack is formidable.

This is Dog. Reinvigorated, rebranded and ready for the next 20 years!