Have you considered Buzzfeed as an advertising outlet?


You might have noticed sponsored posts on Buzzfeed in the past few months but have you seriously considered using the site to promote your own brand?

Buzzfeed is known to most of us as that funny site you see cropping up on your newsfeed that has funny lists about what cats do or 61 things you didn’t know about the Friends TV show… but actually there’s a lot more to it than that!

Buzzfeed has over 150 million unique visitors, much of which is driven by social media and over 75% of its content is shared via social networks. To quote Buzzfeed: “we take units of funny and people share it” - that’s pretty impressive, right?

Well there’s more. What is actually pretty clever is that Buzzfeed are so good at creating shareable content that they believe there are more ways for you as a business to share your brand message without shoving it down people’s necks. You should be able to give your consumers what they want by hiding your advertising strategies within engaging and interesting editorials.

Some examples include well-known Australian beer brand Fosters, who cleverly encouraged social sharing of their brand with a promoted editorial that listed 11 summer food hacks for men. It wasn’t overly focused on the product itself but it was something their target audience could relate to and that’s what made it effective.

Buzzfeed believe that we are “in a new era of advertising”, it’s not all about your brand any more. We shouldn’t be forcing our products on to consumers but rather entertaining, engaging and educating them in more subtle ways.

They believe that “it’s great content that wins everything”. Do you agree?