Friday briefing 4/11

The marketing team gives us a roundup of this week's hot topics


Gordon Carslaw. Laura Shields. Megan Reid.

This week it's all about Google Adword's new website to help with strategy and goals, Pinterest's new targeting for promoted pins, and Instagram's shoppable tags - basically all about helping marketers become more effective in creating experiences that are relevant and engaging for individuals.

Asking yourself “How do I achieve my Marketing Goals?” Don’t worry, Google AdWords New Website is here to help!

Here at Dog we love learning about our clients, their customers and we have a great experience in working together to achieve their business goals. If we are going to achieve any marketing goals then it is vital we understand the audience and find the most effective ways to take them from discovery to consideration to conversion. With over 85% of consumers starting their searches for products and services online, we work with the clients to make an integrated marketing strategy that aims to achieve the goals of the business by touching the customer at every stage of their journey to conversion but also for customer retention.

This week, Google AdWords introduced a new website to help with setting goals and highlight ways to help businesses achieve their marketing goals. Whether it’s to drive footfall to the business, get the phones ringing, increase traffic to the site and boost online sales or download a new business app, the AdWords website has the latest innovations, success stories and best practice guides to set you on your way to achieving your goals.

You can view the website by clicking here. If you wish to find out more about goal setting, customer journey, integrated strategies and how Dog can help you achieve your Marketing Goals contact us today.

Gordon Carslaw, Digital Marketing Executive


Pinterest Introduces Three New Types of Promoted Pins

Last month, Pinterest introduced targeting enhancements for businesses to reach new and existing customers with Promoted Pins. This week they have indulged advertisers, introducing three new types of promoted pins for advertisers to reach their customers: one-tap Pins, video Pins and app Pins.

One-tap Pins allow users to tap a Pin just once from their personalised feeds and go straight to the website that the Pin is promoting. This has proven to be easier for users to get to the product they want to see straight away! Pinterest have only given permission to select businesses to try out one-tap Pins for now, but hopefully this enhancement will become available to all advertisers soon!

Video Pins will play on users’ Pinterest feed right away as they scroll down – for now, we have to go through to another site to watch videos. This is an easier way for Advertisers to connect with users right away, avoiding the loss of customers who may not want to leave the app to watch a video.

Lasty, promoted app Pins are a way for app developers and creators connect with potential and existing customers. App Pin links connect users directly to the store where the app can be bought and used right away!

These new types of promoted Pins are a new way for advertisers to connect with new customers and target exactly who they want!

Laura Shields, Media Co-ordinator


Instagram Shopping: the ultimate retailer?

Every wished you could directly shop a user's or brand's Instagram feed without leaving the app? Most of us have and this could become a reality and it seems that this could be closer than ever, as Instagram A/B text shoppable tags.

Tagging pieces of clothing with brands handles has always been popular on Instagram, and this new method of monetization just cleverly expands on this, as it will not be too drastic a change for users. 

It will lead to faster, more fluid experience, and no doubt more late night impulse buys.

Check out the full story here on Digital Trends

Megan Reid, Social Media Executive

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