Friday briefing 30/9

The marketing team gives us a roundup of this week's hot topics


Robert Ferguson. Joannie McLellan. Megan Reid.

This week, Robert, Joannie and Megan discuss the latest product updates from Google, search ads in Apple AppStore, and the launch of the Houseparty streaming app. Here's what's hit the news ....

Log-ins not cookies

Facebook and Instagram add lots of value to advertisers by offering accurate user targeting across browsing sessions and devices thanks to the ubiquity of log-ins to use the platforms. Whether I log-in to the Instagram app on my phone, browse Facebook on my desktop at work, or whip out a tablet on the train to check my news feed, I am obviously still the same user, not a disparate collection of cookies.

Google unveiled three new opportunities for advertisers to take advantage of its logged-in services, (Gmail, Youtube & Chrome browsers to name a few) as part of Advertising Week 2016. Unlike Facebook, the new tools include significant progress for advertisers looking to measure the interaction between digital advertising with offline sales.

The three new products being rolled out by Google are:

  • Comparing the brand uplift from TV and YouTube campaigns advertising the same product - Big G have research suggesting that YouTube generates 2x online searches per campaign impression compared to a TV ad impression
  • Store visit measurements for the display network - Select advertisers have been able to measure the impact of search ads on store visits and sales, and this is platform is now being extended to include display ads
  • Cross device remarketing - By working with logged-in users rather than cookies, Google are enabling advertisers to target users across devices and browsing sessions, and also set frequency caps which apply to the whole interaction a user has with a brand rather than a device.

For more info check out the accouncement blog from Google

Robert Ferguson, PPC Manager


Apple Introduces Search Ads for the App Store

After a beta period that began in June, Apple is now opening up Search Ads for the App Store to publishers and developers. It’s currently available for the iPhone and iPad only in the US.

Ads will go live on Wednesday October 5th. The ads will appear at the top of the results page when iOS users enter a keyword in the search box.

The company claims that more than 65% of all app downloads come from search results. Apple’s hoping that its new Search Ads program will help users discover lesser-known apps that they wouldn’t usually find in the charts. To prevent the more popular applications on the App Store with larger marketing budgets from abusing the system, Apple has implemented a relevance algorithm that will only serve adverts related to a user’s search term.

As of yet there has been no announcement from Apple when Search Ads will be introduced in the UK, but find out further information by checking out the Apple Search Ads site.

Joannie McLellan, Search Marketing Executive.


Meerkat is reborn as Houseparty

Back in the beginning of the live-streaming boom there was only one horse, or cat, in the game: Meerkat. While the technology had been about for years, Meerkat was the first to utilise it in a truly mobile way. If you can't cast your mind back that far to how Meerkat worked, it worked exactly like Periscope, and that was part of its problem. Two weeks later Twitter's Periscope came out and the network no longer supported Meerkat. Meerkat's situation was made worse as Facebook launched, its now incredibly popular new feature, Facebook LIVE. These solutions did what Meerkat did, but with built-in audiences already engaged in the established networks, thus making it easier for brands and influencers to use.

Meerkat has, however, completely refocused from mass viewings to something altogether a little more intimate and utility-like in the form of new app: Houseparty. From what we can see, Houseparty uses Meerkat's live streaming technology and enables users to have up to 8-way conversations or streams. it's a really interesting tool, with excellent advertising opportunities as chats are based on friend groups and themes. Imagine targeting a group of hungover friends with adverts for McDonald's; the perfect storm? Full article on SocialMediaToday.


Twitter Moments for Everybody!

Twitter has taken another step forward to create a more user friendly service, in the wake of lack of confidence in the network (remember #RIPTwitter). Twitter Moments enable users to sew together multiple tweets in to slideshow-like stories, something Facebook has began prompting users to do also. They were initially only released to selected partners in October of 2015. The move should allow users to curate their favourite tweets in a more Snapchat like manner, and is another step towards a more photo-friendly, modern Twitter. Check out the story. 

Megan Reid, Digital Marketing Co-ordinator


So that's our final Friday briefing for September 2016, uncovering the latest news from across the digital and marketing world. If you have any comments or questions, feel free to tweet us or hit us up on Facebook!