Friday briefing 28/10

The marketing team gives us a roundup of this week's hot topics

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Megan Reid. Brian Grassie. Laura Shields.

Megan's looking forward to Facebook's Halloween themed masks, while Brian has his sights firmly fixed on Christmas an imminent campaigns. Laura reigns us back from festivities with the introduction of Twitter Awareness campaigns, and we all say Cheerio to Twitter's Vine. Here's what's caught our eye this week.

Facebook breaks in its new Halloween Snapchat challenger

Facebook makes another move to steal Snapchat's thunder as it rolls out Halloween themed 'Masks' this weekend across US, UK and New Zealand LIVE video. It comes as no surprise that this would eventually be their intention after their acquisition of lens-based app MSQRD. The 'Masks' will be available to all in selfie mode while using LIVE video, as Facebook tries to encourage more every day users to engage with each other in real-time.

It's being seen by many as a direct response to Snapchat, and a way of making users feel less embarrassed and self-conscious when using Facebook LIVE. However unlike Snapchat, unless deleted, your Facebook LIVE filter video will there for far longer than 24 hours - so maybe not one to try out for the first time after a few too many drinks as everyone you know will see it, including your mum. 

"Snapchat may have started consumer augmented reality, but Facebook wants to scale it." Strong words from TechCrunch's Josh Constine in yesterday's article.

Megan Reid, Digital Marketing Coordinator.


Christmas (Campaigns) Come Early

A number of clients seek guidance on when to start their campaigns for the festive period. This obviously differs from industry to industry and each individual client depending on their target market, However according to Ian Edwards Facebook's head of comms for Northern Europe, many marketers are a little tardy with their Christmas plans. 

The anticipation for the main Christmas TV ads isn't what it used to be according to Edwards, and he highlights that 40% of mobile shoppers having finished their shopping by November. You can read more in the Marketing Week article here.

On the high street and online some of major players have already gone full festive. Selfridge's kicked of their winter wonderland 146 days ahead of the big day. Boots have unleashed their tried and trusted 3 for 2 offers already in full swing. Others are are not quite as full on, instead opting for messaging pointing towards 'gifting', whilst hanging fire on the full Christmas refurb of their site.

If your brand ramps up it's marketing activity over the Christmas period, then there are a few in the know that would encourage you to be setting your campaigns live now if you haven't done so already. Cost Per Click starts to rise, at this time of year, so make full use of remarketing opportunities by getting in there early. And capitalise on your audience through Social as 40% of consumers research products through social media. Check out The Drum for more.

Brian Grassie, PPC Manager


Twitter Ads: Awareness Campaigns vs. Hashtags!

Twitter Ads is now offering advertisers a way to reach out to and connect with their existing followers and customers using the new Awareness Campaign objective option.

This campaign objective is different to the others in the selection menu. The purpose of many of the other objectives is to encourage a click. Website Clicks and Conversion, App Install and App Re-engagement campaigns use the CPC model where we can bid for users’ clicks, Tweet Engagement campaigns are there to generate likes and retweets and use a CPE model and then Followers campaigns generate new followers of the page.

Awareness Campaigns on Twitter Ads are not designed in a way to drive traffic anywhere. They are posted out in the ‘Twitterverse’ in order to reach potential and existing customers and followers.

Over the years hashtags on Twitter have become increasingly popular as a way from brands to connect with customers and create awareness amongst Twitter users and more recently have come along with emojis alongside. Brands often roll out hashtag campaigns to do nothing other than create awareness. Every year around Christmas time, Starbucks never fail to encourage users to post images of their Starbucks drink along with #RedCups and John Lewis promoted #ManOnTheMoon last Christmas just after the Christmas TV advert launched and used their link to Age UK to focus on and create awareness. So will this new campaign objective be a way to create more awareness or will brands stick to the use of hashtags?

Laura Shields, Media Coordinator


Cheerio Vine, we'll miss you!

#RIPTWITTER may just start trending again as Twitter is losing 9% of its workforce, in a bid to drive up profits. Its main way of doing this is to cut off Vine, the 3 second video loop social network, from Twitter capabilities and effectively shut it down 4 years after they bought it for $30 million. 

This is the first significant social platform since My Space, where influencers were born, to deteriorate to the point of closing down. Will cutting of Vine, be the boost of funds Twitter needs to turn its social network around - or will it, simply, be next? While we contemplate the implications of this news, sit back and look through some of the best Vines.


It's Friday and almost home time, so we're making like the Party up in here Llama. As ever, if you have any comments or questions on any of the marketing stories this week, feel free to tweet us or hit us up on Facebook!