Friday briefing 2/12

The marketing team gives us a roundup of this week's hot topics


Robert Ferguson. Joannie McLellan.

After the thrill of Black Friday last week, and all the marketing and digital news that was published on the back of it, we're continuing the festive theme with the launch of Google's Santa Tracker, and a roundup of the most shared ads in 2016 (with Buster the Boxer taking the top spot)....Enjoy!

John Lewis tops 2016 most-shared ad list

Christmas ads have become a huge statement about a brand's values and personality, with big budget productions battling it out to capture attention of the masses and become water-cooler talking points as soon as the last autumn leaves fall from the trees.

Because we live in a digital world, we don't have to rely on nebulous ideas like word-of-mouth to judge success anymore, we have social shares to do that!

Thankfully, Unruly has published their list of the most shared video ads of 2016, and it's no surprise that John Lewis' latest Christmas advert, "Buster The Boxer", has topped the list with 1,949,387 shares on social media

To find the full list, and even more Christmas cheer, check out the Unruly top 20 shared ads of 2016.

Robert Ferguson, PPC Manager


Google’s 2016 Santa Tracker Now Live

Christmas is officially on the way and to celebrate, Google has launched its Santa Tracker. This year, an advent calendar of treats including games, animations and videos is on offer to enjoy in the lead up to the big day itself. The site also includes a countdown to Christmas Eve, when the Santa Tracker will go live so that children can watch where in the world Santa is delivering presents at that time.

This will be the 12th year that Google has counted down to Santa’s departure from the North Pole. Excited? We are!

You can enjoy a new surprise every day by visiting the wonderfully cheery Santa Tracker.

Joannie McLellan, Search Marketing Executive.


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