Friday briefing 18/11

The marketing team gives us a roundup of this week's hot topics


Gordon Carslaw. Laura Shields. Megan Reid.

This week, we've got Google announcements on mobile first indexing - big news for SEO and search marketers - and Adwords' swipeable cards from Gordon and Laura. Megan's highlighted the oddest product announcement of the week, that of Twitter's QR codes. Friday afternoon reading sorted - enjoy!

Google moving to Mobile-First Indexing and what this will mean.

The start of the month saw the start of Google moving away from Desktop first Indexing to Mobile first indexing. With testing already underway, this only strengthens the importance of mobile friendly or more importantly responsive websites. As we already know the majority of people searching on Google are using a mobile device and although recent changes in Google’s algorithms have went some way to rewarding mobile friendly websites this recent update will go a step further.

In the past Google would crawl desktop versions of page’s content to evaluate the relevance to search queries for users. This would cause problems to mobile users when they would click on a search result as the mobile page wouldn’t always be the same as the desktop version, for example, the mobile site might have less content on a similar page than what the desktop page has. This new update will make the mobile experience more satisfying as snippets and structured data will be taken from the mobile page rather than desktop. Although the index will be built from mobile documents, Google will continue to build a great search experience for users no matter what device they are on.

The news has certainly got many talking and asking questions such as “So what does this mean and what changes, if any, will we have to implement?Well, here you will find out more on what the experts have been saying over the last couple of weeks.

And of course, remember that at Dog, we have a wealth of experience when it comes to Responsive and Mobile Friendly websites. If you have any questions around the performance of your website, feel free to get in touch with us.

Gordon Carslaw, Digital Marketing Executive


Google Ads’ Swipeable Cards

In the summer, Google AdWords introduced price extensions. This new feature was made to take users directly to the page they want to go to on your website. Price extensions were a new way for advertisers to show pricing information about the range of products and services they offer.

This week Google AdWords have announced, via Twitter, that a swipeable card format will now be the standard way in which price extensions will be displayed. Advertisers will be able to display up to 8 cards (the previous set up was 3 rows of price extensions). Each card can feature a different product or service, with a short description and the price, and then each card can be assigned with its own link. The link will take the user straight to the specific product or service on the card.

For the consumer, this is a better feature, allowing them to compare different products and services, and will be easier to get to exactly what they’re looking for. For the advertiser, this new feature has allowed us to drive more qualified clicks and the additional cards are an easier way for marketing a bigger range of products.

Read more about the new swipeable card feature here.

Laura Shields, Media Co-Ordinator


Twitter is the most recent network to steal Snapchat's thunder

Snapchat just can't seem to catch a break recently. First, Facebook introduce lenses to Facebook LIVE, and now Twitter are upping their QR code game. Before Snapchat came along, many thought that QR codes were on their way out. But their rebranding as Snapcodes has been the making of them. Snapcodes bridge the gap between physical marketing on flyers and posters and digital, making getting and engaging Snapchat followers at live events or for competitions, etc. a lot easier.

It may not seem like the most logical step for Twitter to adopt QR codes - as there are multiple ways to connect with people talking about the subject you're interested in on Twitter - but it is, in fact, arguably the best social media network to do this on.

Perhaps the announcement relates to a move toward ecommerce related features. Or perhaps Twitter, like all social media networks, is thinking "Well if Snapchat do it, it must be cool". However, the more apps and functionalities Twitter adds to its platform, the less stands out from the crowd as the platform to be on, and the more it just blends into the crowd. Tread carefully, dear Twitter.

Check out the story on Social Media Today.

Megan Reid, Social Media Executive