Friday briefing 10/02

The marketing team gives us a roundup of this week's hot topics


Gordon Carslaw. Mark Oliver. Megan Reid

This week, the Super Bowl adverts caught Gordon's eye for Search reasons, Mark provides a useful update on the latest announcement around the Google Data Studio, while Megan gives us her top 5 Instagram tools. Oh, and ICYMI, Gordon talks us through the latest developments to the Google Adwords UI. Exciting times!

84 Lumber Trumps the 2017 Super Bowl Adverts

“Blue 88, Blue 88, Hike!”…yeah, to be honest, I don’t know much about American Football and this year, as millions tuned in to see Tom Brady lead the Patriot’s to a phenomenal comeback, I was in bed ahead of a busy week at work.

What really interests me about the Super Bowl is the adverts. This year in amongst the likes of Coca Cola, Lexus, Budweiser, T-Mobile and AirBnB was a company called 84 Lumbers, which went on to trump all.

It all started a week before the Super Bowl final as 84 Lumber, a building supplies business in the US, started running paid ads to tease the audience ahead of their 90 seconds ad slot during the Super Bowl, FYI these slots are estimated at about $5m per 30seconds. However, the company was dealt a blow when Fox rejected their original script due to its political controversial ending relating to ‘Trump’s Wall’ and immigration.

84 Lumber worked around this by screening the start of the ad showing a Mother and Daughters Journey to America with a call to action at the end encouraging people to see the end of the emotional and heart strung journey on the company website. It proved a huge success with the site having 300,000 requests after a minute the ad was aired and over 6 million after an hour with over 99,000 mentions across Social Media, more than any other Super Bowl advertiser. Although controversial, the risk definitely paid off which may encourage more businesses to adopt a similar tactic in the future.

You can read up more about the Super Bowl adverts here on Search Engine Land and Marketing Land, and check out the ad that’s got people talking here and let us know your thoughts. 

Gordon Carslaw, Senior Digital Marketing Exec


Google Announces Updates to Data Studio

Google has announced a couple of changes to its Data Studio tool, which it released last year as an entry point to data visualisation for small to medium-sized businesses.

Initially, it had restricted the number of reports that could be created per account to five. Last week however, Google announced it was lifting this cap, so users can now create an unlimited number of reports on the platform. 

Initially Google Data Studio could be linked to AdWords, Google Analytics, Google Sheets and a select few others. Yesterday, however, it announced that Google Search Console can also now be linked to Data Studio – meaning a host of SEO-related data can now be presented and visualised in the tool.

There’s no doubt both updates will help agencies make the most of the platform – we’ve been using Data Studio for performance analysis and insights from the outset for a few of our clients, and the five report limit was a bit restrictive. Allowing Search Console linking will simplify the process of comparing performance across multiple channels as well.

Mark Oliver, Insights & Analytics Manager


Our Top 5 Instagram Tools

We came across this article '71 Instagram Tools to Skyrocket Your Social Media Marketing' on Social Media Today this week and it sparked discussion about tools we all enjoy using. 71 seems a little too many, so we've whittled it down to our top 5 tools for effective Instagram campaigns and content management. 

A social media manager MUST HAVE. Input one hashtag into Hashtagify and will give you 5 more related ones, and tell you how often they are used and how widely! An incredibly powerful, and underrated tool!

A new one for us at Dog, this handy add on for Google Chrome makes viewing and saving Instagram stories while on a desktop at work a breeze. It also makes them simple and easy to add in to presentations.

Over is a fantastic on-the-go iPhone app tool with thousands (literally) of options for editing and most importantly adding text to your shots. Great for live coverage quote posts, and laying logos on top on images. You can 

Hootsuite is definitely not the new kid on the block, in fact it’s been around the block a few times and it's all the better for it. The social media marketing tool is unbeatable for ease of scheduling, and the app makes it the easiest way to schedule desktop content to your Instagram feed. PS. Instagram please open the API to enable real advance scheduling.

The big daddy of all social media listening, and its Instagram analytics are fantastic. Talkwalker can pick out key influencers based on how many times they mention your brand, their average reach, the engagement on each of their posts, and if it's been reposted by others. Not to mention it is the first social listening tool to be able to pick up images as well as text, eg. logos and hashtags.

These are just some of the tools we use to maximise the value and impact of marketing via Instagram. We hope you find it helpful!

Megan Reid, Social Media Executive



It’s Coming. Google’s New AdWords Interface is to be rolled out to more Advertisers.

That’s right folks, Google is set to roll out its new User Interface (UI) design which was announced back in March 2015. At more than 15 years old, AdWords not only looks dated but is no longer suited to the hundreds of features it has developed over the last decade and a half. When AdWords came onto the scene it was mainly built for Desktop as Mobile was merely 1 year old…oh how things have changed. Google has realised a refresh is overdue and that it can no longer be built around features but instead has to be built around the business, marketers and their needs and objectives.

Google has been slowly building out the new AdWords interface which is the first major touch up since 2008. The new UI is set to be user friendly, efficient and intuitive but the overall functionality is set to stay the same. More accounts have been granted Alpha Access to it and this week Google’s head of Search Ads, Jerry Dischler said, that it will be rolling out even more AdWords accounts in the next few months.

You will know when your AdWords UI is updated as you may be taken right into it or you will get a notification in the top right hand corner or at the bottom of the screen prompting you to try the new AdWords Interface. Don’t panic if you think clicking on it is going to take you deep into the unknown as you will be able to toggle back and forth between the new and the old interfaces because some features such as download data are not yet available

The aim for Google is to rejuvenate the AdWords Interface and by doing so hopes to address a number of issues and wishes raised by advertisers in the past. Of course, Google will always develop new features but the fact that this will now be done with marketers needs and wants first should make the wait for a full roll out of the UI, predicted to be towards the end of the 2017, worth it.

You can read up on the roll out and some screenshots on the official Google Blog and more information on the changes to the UI from Search Engine Land.

Gordon Carslaw, Senior Digital Marketing Exec


So that's it, another Friday briefing from Dog, uncovering the latest news from across the digital and marketing world and providing a bit of insight from our marketing specialists. If you have any comments or questions, feel free to tweet us or hit us up on Facebook!