Everything we do in social is really about experience


As the world changes around us, we need to do everything we can to keep up to date with it and that’s something we’re well aware of in a digital environment.

We attended a #SMW14 discussion today where the co-founder of Poke London quoted Darwin, stating “survival of the fitted”. It’s a quote often misinterpreted as “survival of the fittest”, taking away what Darwin had intended - to be about things that adapt to the current environment and can take shape and adapt to their surroundings.


He used this quote to emphasise how crucial it is for a business within a digital environment to take hold of things that our shaping the way in which we live.

For now “social is everything” - is there part of our world that isn’t somewhat connected to our online communities, whether they’re 3rd party reviews, news stories or product information? Almost everyone and everything has a digital presence in some shape or form. Businesses must aim to use this to their advantage.

Nicolas from Poke went on to discuss his own product innovation that developed its story and success through the world of social media. He designs energy efficient bulbs that have no other purpose that that of an ordinary bulb but are more aesthetically pleasing and would be considered as more creative than your day-to-day bulb.

He was driven by the fact that something which is so commonly associated with ideas and inspiration is so unappealing, bland and simple. It was there he decided to make his bulbs something a little more inspiring to look at.


This product began as an idea on crowd-funding community Kickstarter and by using creative shareable photography like the examples above, the project grew a large audience. The lightbulb was to be understood as an object that would help shape more beautiful and exciting fixtures around it and the company themselves were keen to see what others would do with them.

Over time, the bulb’s fan-base grew, with help from from visual communities and social networks such as Instagram. Owners of the bulb were encouraged to share how they’ve incorporated the bulbs, which in turn helped drive new customers.

The key learnings from the Plumen bulb is that it’s vitality on social media has been key to its success and helped push the growth of the product. It It’s the simple stories like this that we can live by - the simplicity of blending in to an environment and using it to your best advantage which has helped drive its success.