Dog lost its Digital

Gerry McCusker

Gerry McCusker
Managing Director

01 September 2015


After more than a decade, Dog Digital suddenly lost its Digital. Why? You may ask. Dog Digital made sense, it sounded good, it was a strong brand, and "digital" was what we did. Well, all of these are good answers on one level or another but essentially we've not changed, the world around us has.

Back in the day, we started life as a web development company and, with the advent of websites, along came online advertising. It seemed only natural that we should try our hand at that as well. It turns out our expertise in both digital technologies and design meant we took to online advertising pretty easily. It was a very interesting time as we would often work closely with traditional ad agencies, as their ‘digital partner’. This meant, however, that we were always limited. We never really held the attention of the client and the creative work was something we were asked to digitise, sometimes even digitally interpret!

This was very much at the start of communications agencies getting their head around the fact that there was a new channel to market across. The natural fit was to treat the digital element as a production house akin to video or film production. It was certainly a separate entity. Something to “add on.” Little did the client realise how much digital was going to shake a very comfortable market structure. Over time the digital world was going to prevail in its importance and this would be reflected and driven by the consumer habits of current generations.

The days when full page splash ads in the national papers or the TV ad spots around Coronation Street were seen as the place to launch a brand or push a product, have been replaced by how products can pervade into the social media channels of consumers. Now, bloggers or vloggers hold as much gravitas as a beautiful piece of copy or design, and brands are having to be more creative, striving for more meaningful connections with consumers across an array of channels.

The world has changed and Dog is a player in this world and the future. We will continue to be a product of the world around us. A world which continues to become more and more digital. As consumers, we shop, we communicate with friends, we listen to music and watch TV, we pay our bills and we read the news. It’s not important to us how we do things. We just do them in a way that suits us. Digital has infiltrated every area of peoples’ lives and its ubiquity means that it’s now simply a given when it comes to marketing and communications.

Our role is no longer just to provide the digital interpretation, it is to communicate with our clients' consumers in the digital world of today and tomorrow. In a way that meets the needs of clients, and expectations of the consumer.

Digital is part of us, yet it does not define us.

Today Dog truly is, a creative partner in a digital world.

Meet Dog.


This entry was first published by Gerry on Linkedin.