Caitlin Lewis: The 3 Steps on my journey to become a Social Media Mogul

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I have been at Dog throughout August and my time has been really eye opening and extremely enjoyable. I have worked with the Graphic Design and Arts & Motion departments learning about advertising, Photoshop and Illustrator, and how to transfer these skills to InDesign. I have also spent time in the Marketing department learning how to perfect the social media presence. Here are the top 3 things I have learned during my time at Dog.

Create your own style.

I have little to no background in graphic design - the last time I did art was back in school- and so I had a lot to learn as far as design was concerned. One great piece of advice that was given to me by Paulo was to create your own individual style as far as graphic design is concerned rather than try to become a master of all trades. There are loads of cool illustrators and designers who had turned their work into a unique marketable brand by focusing on one cohesive style that they could master. It was a great way for me to think about being individual in the design world.

Photoshop is a world of endless possibilities.

I had done some work with Photoshop before I came to Dog, and so I was expecting that it would be one of the areas which I would be a bit more familiar. I was very wrong. Until working with the graphic design team I had had no idea just how extensive Photoshop is. It is really is a world of endless possibility. It was really rewarding to see how much I learned throughout the two weeks, starting by doing the classic Mario mushroom tutorial and finishing with some really beautiful and complicated images (well complicated to me, the team still probably could do them in half an hour!)

Negative social media comments can be translated into a successful business formula.

Working with Tala in the social media department has been really fun and informative. I have helped to write online content for brands for the first time, and found out more about LinkedIn profile optimisation than I ever considered possible. One thing that really stuck out was the power of social media trolls and duplicate Facebook pages on the negative PR of big brands. I discovered that mean negative comments by teenagers can really affect the way a brand is viewed, but that addressing them in the correct way can improve and boost your social media presence. I also learned a lot about fake brand pages or ‘Truth’ Facebook pages or Twitter accounts.

Before coming to Dog, I assumed that they were widely ignored, but they are actually closely monitored by the brands themselves and can often pose quite a serious threat to the way a brand is viewed. In other words, social media action that seems trivial to the outside eye is actual a big contributor to the carefully calculated social media formula.

I have had a fantastic time working with Dog and particularly getting to know all the great people here. Thanks so much to everyone for working with me! It’s been great!


We've loved having Caitlin in the office working with us. She's so enthusiastic, a real self starter, and super talented. She created her own blog image and drafted this article in double quick time, without even being asked - she'll definitely go far! If you think you'd like to spend a bit of time behind the scenes at Dog, check out our internships section and get in touch.