7/07: Digital Marketing News


Gordon Carslaw & Becca Richardson

It's Friday Briefing time and this week we have a PPC and social trends gold mine! Gordon gives us the lowdown on the latest in CRO, helpful Google ads and comparison websites, while Becca chats the latest in Snapchat's attempts to claw back users through their latest update, with links, games and filters galore. Sit back and catch up!

PPC Trends in 2017 – The Story so Far and what’s still to come!

So on the Dog Blog you might have noticed - I’ve not featured in a while, shocking I know, but anyway back to business…as I was saying - On the Dog Blog, like everyone else, we’ve been going on quite a bit about Mobile. No doubt you’ve got the idea now, it’s rather important. The importance of mobile is driving innovation and with that comes new opportunities and ways of doing things. In 2017 we’ve already seen a number of new developments in Machine Learning, Conversion Tracking, Ads, Audiences, Shopping and UI changes. So grab yourself a coffee and catch up on what you may have missed in 2017 so far here.

I’m one for respecting the past but with the Friday Briefing you should know a lot of the stuff already mentioned above. But what’s going to be happening going forward and what’s important to know? Personally, I’m excited by mobile and machine learning. Anything that’s going to increase customer satisfaction and their experience of brands I am all for. I’ve become rather obsessed with customer journeys of late too. In the past a lot of people spoke about Content is King but we have to think of Context. Context is Queen, it’s just as, if not more, important than Content. For this reason, its exciting reading the Google Marketing Next Blog about how machine learning is able to serve ads to users depending on where they are in their journey. Matt Lawson, Managing Director at Ads Marketing at Google, take it away:

‘Research shows being helpful has a positive impact but less than 1/3 of brand experiences are described as ‘helpful’. That means more than good campaign insights. We need innovation and data at the heart of that… (We) have to use data to understand people at every step, thinking about how power of context is a game changer. Someone is close to a store or perhaps inside, it allows us to tailor a message to their moment. Machine learning can do all this and take in all the signals and process it in real time and make sense of it all’.

‘Take three people: One person wants a hotel now, one wants to compare prices, one wants the cheapest. Google understands they are searching for the same thing – a hotel that fits budget but they get different ad experiences. All we have to do is add as many ads that are right for your business and machine learning will do the rest’.

Pretty cool! Whether it’s content, website, mobile, page speeds or ads we have to make sure that customer experience is at the heart of it all. Doing this will only help in delivering better results

ICYMI you can catch up with Jerry Dischler, Product Management at Google, on his thoughts on current and future Search trends from the SMX Advanced in Seattle here.

So there we have it. You’re now caught up on Current and Future PPC trends for 2017. But what are we doing at Dog? At Dog we are always looking for new ways to maximise Search performance for our clients and embracing innovation is exactly what we do but adding a Dog twist on it. If you’d like to find out how we can help your Search performance please get in touch. Make sure to check in next week for the very latest in Digital in our Friday Briefings and as always, until next week folks, have a great weekend!

Gordon Carslaw 

Senior Digital Marketing Executive 


Snapchat Steps UP

Ever wondered what you’d look like as a giraffe? Or had a burning desire to star in your own ten second music video? Perhaps you crave a way to keep tabs on the other half whose frequency of visits to the gym is getting more and more suspicious? Well fear no more, for Snapchat's latest updates has granted you the power to do all at your very fingertips!

But of course, as marketers, our only focus is on the commercial and growth opportunities created from their new ‘Paperclip’ feature. With Paperclip, users can now share links to events, gifs and meme’s just to add that extra spice of life to their snaps! And considering Instagram Stories are still boasting a bigger following than Snapchat (with over 250 millions users) these updates could not have been more welcomed!


So how can marketers take full advantage of this latest feature? Ultimately the winners will be the early adopters, as the link add on will provide a way for users to link out to company websites straight form the Snapchat App. Which is a far more user friendly experience than past expeditions for marketers where links could only be used in paid for ad campaigns. The extra flair of new filter options, back drops and voice changers also offers opportunities to freshen up that content!

Selfie Faux-pas

It all sounds smashing doesn’t it? Well sadly if not done correctly marketers could fall into some trouble. More often than not it’s hard enough to catch the joke or read the text on a snap before it is long lost from our minds! To keep everyone snap happy, it is so important to keep the content and message clear and concise to see customers PAPER-click and not have results take a PAPER-dip.

Becca Richardson

Social Media Executive


That's all for this week folks - enjoy your weekend and we'll see you the same time next week for more digital marketing news!