30/06: Digital Marketing News


Angus Carbarns & Robert Ferguson

This week it's all about Google as they've hit the headlines for both positive and negative reasons. Angus, our insights analyst, chats Google Shopping, while Robert, PPC Guru, focuses on Google's much-improved Site Speed Tool. Catch up on the latest!

Google Shopping lands company in hot water

Google made headlines globally this week, as the EU’s Competition Commissioner issued a fine of 2.42bn euros to Google on the basis that the search giant had acted “illegally under EU antitrust rules” in relation to ‘unlawful’ placement of its Google Shopping product over competitor shopping products in search results.

The ruling has requested Google to cease what the Commission has deemed ‘anti-competitive’ practices within 90 days. Failure to do so, according to the ruling, will result in fines equivalent to the value of 5% of Alphabet’s (Google’s parent company) average daily earnings.

If the ruling is upheld, it’s very unlikely the move will threaten Google’s financial stability in any real sense. While Google is expected to appeal to have the decision overturned, the ruling could set a precedent which forces Google to revaluate how Google Shopping is positioned in search engine results pages. We’ll certainly be keeping a close eye on the issue and its impact on brands and marketers.

Angus Carbarns

Insights Analyst

Google Site Speed Tool Update

Google has launched an update to their mobile site speed test tool which will allow users to check two important pieces of information: how many visitors they are losing to a slow mobile site, and how they measure up against their competitors.

Up till now the tool had been focused on compliance with best practices (which is still is) but the presentation had been given in an abstract way. Tying the results to real world issues like traffic loss and competitive disadvantage makes the information much more actionable for agencies and in-house marketers, who often need to get sign-off from bottom-line focused stakeholders in order to implement fixes.

The logic behind estimates for traffic loss from slow-loading times are detailed in this document from Google.

To find out more information about the changes to the tool click here, or to see how Dog can interpret the results for your site and implement fixes, contact us today.

Robert Ferguson

PPC Manager


That's it for this week folks - have a great weekend and we'll be back next week with the latest in digital marketing news!