28/09: Digital Marketing News


Laura Colford, Steven Kerr, Robert Ferguson

This week Laura explores the latest in visual search, Steven advises us on the new events markup report in Google Search Console and Robert updates us about Facebook's decision to close down partner categories.

 “Point, Shoot and Shop”

A few weeks ago, one of our Friday Briefings featured the competitive advantages brands are gaining through AR, but as can be expected in our fast-paced marketing environment, a new trend is already on the horizon. This with millennials in mind.

Wondering ‘what goes well with that top?’ or ‘what is the make of the car parked outside?’ This is where visual search comes in to play.

Snapchat announced that it was testing a new tool this week, to allow users to take a picture of a product or barcode. It would then launch the Amazon product page, taking them to the point of purchase. Not to be outdone, Google announced the integration of its AI-driven Lens into searches, to help users find out more about the product and improve image orientated searches. It incorporates the ability to examine images and detect objects within them, pushing potential consumers to relevant images and product pages.

With Pinterest, eBay and Bing following suit with their own visual search tools, a new marketing channel is opening up, directly tapping into hunger for technology amongst young social media users. This week eMarketer asked millennials from both the UK and US between the ages of 18-34 which new digital technologies they would be happy using as part of their digital shopping. The results showed that 62% chose ‘ability to shop by image’. Other options in this survey report included, AR ‘try before you buy’ and live chat ‘digital assistants’.

Whilst it’s still early days this emerging technology, the results of the survey reveal that practical applications are resonating with potential consumers as visual search looks to champion over the more novelty applications of augmented reality.

 Laura Colford, Content Editor


Event markup to rich results report has been added to Google Search Console

Yesterday; the 27th of September, marks 20 years since Google was started. How did they celebrate? Balloons? A huge party with their 1 billion users? Nope! Instead they celebrated by adding event markup to their rich status report within Search Console.

As you may be aware, Google only previously gave rich status reports for the purpose of job posting and recipe markup – but now this also includes event markup.

This was noticed by Aaron Bradley on Wednesday morning via Twitter: