28/07: Digital Marketing News


Joannie McLellan. Stephanie Lindsay.

This week, we have two stories with a theme of improving Customer Experience. Joannie has highlighted the importance of user intent and task accomplishment to your SEO strategy, and Stephanie gives us the lowdown on the latest Amazon product, Spark.

SEO and the Customer Journey

While doing research for this week’s blog I came across a really helpful article on “Developing Content for the Customer Journey” which details the importance of having the right content for users at different stages in the Buying Cycle. It states that we shouldn’t be just be creating content for search engines in order to rank for certain keywords but more shape content around helping users to reach the next stage in their journey. Sensible advice really.

This is the latest in a string of articles from industry experts all stressing the importance of catering content to user intent.

Anyone who enjoys Moz’s Whiteboard Friday and managed to watch last week’s will know that the topic was “Is the New, Most Powerful Ranking Factor Searcher Task Accomplishment?” (well worth a watch for those who missed it) which also makes the argument that it is more important for Search Marketers to understand what the user is trying to achieve and how your website can help them achieve that thing or those things.

If you haven't been doing so, now is the time to be reviewing user behaviour metrics in Analytics and implementing user testing tools to understand how users interact with your site and what pages aren't fulfilling users needs. Focusing on enhancing your content to boost the user experience is key to future proofing your SEO strategy.

Keep your eyes open for more on this as it's one of the hot topics in SEO at the moment.

Joannie McLellan, Senior Digital Marketing Executive


Sparking Ecommerce Conversation with Amazon

Fed up with endlessly scrolling Amazon for inspiration for a payday treat?

Sick of having to read Buzzfeed’s Top 30 most wanted on Amazon list to make your decision between a unicorn wine holder or a squatty potty?

Wishing you could be visually stimulated by your friend’s purchases over and above their Wishlist? Amazon Spark could be exactly what you need in your life…

“Amazon Spark is a place to discover things from people who share your interests. Whether you’re looking for inspiration for home décor or seeking advice for the best long-distance running shoes, Spark makes it easy to discover—and shop—stories and ideas from a community that likes what you like.”

A mix of Facebook (rather than a 'like' you can dish out smiles to your favourite products), Pinterest (during set-up you identify yourself as a traveller, lifestyle fanatic, fashionista etc.) and Instagram - it is safe to say you’ll see inspiration from all of those platforms on Spark.

Whilst only very recently launched (via iPhone only in the US), Amazon Spark has some interesting initial caveats: Anyone can sign-up and follow, and most importantly buy products, however, to begin posting you must first be an Amazon Prime member and have spent $50.

The question here is, does Amazon Spark actually solve a problem? Amazon is highly regarded for its related items feed, strong email marketing strategy and now same-day delivery. So if users are willing to engage with yet another platform, particularly one tied to such a commercial brand, over and above their current social profiles will be an interesting discovery.

Read more about Spark here

PS: Your shopping history isn’t visible… phew! 

Stephanie Lindsay, Head of Marketing


That's it this week, folks. See you again next week for the latest news from across the digital marketing landscape!