23/06: Digital Marketing News


Liam Penman, Megan Reid.

This week's Friday Briefing is a special one as we hear from Liam on the latest trends in marketing design, and his favourite content pieces recently, while Megan covers the latest in Facebook's growing group platform. So put your feet up and catch up with the latest in marketing.

Current Graphic Design Trends in marketing; what’s going on?

For any business having good-looking visual collateral is important. It gives them the capacity to distinguish themselves from their competition and gives their brand a face to their audience.

2017 has unveiled several trends.  This post explores some of the trends and how they have been applied to aid the brand appeal through marketing.

1. Brighter, bolder colour choices and Duotones.

Companies are experimenting with brighter, bolder colour palette’s and with Duotone effects.

Spotify is a prime example of this. They have been using this trend for a while across their collateral, but you can see how they have to lead the way with bold colours mixed with professional photography to create strong identifiable collateral which works well across the streaming space and music in general.


 2. Hand drawn Graphics

Illustrated images which show a human, childish and nostalgic feeling are increasing in popularity. The use of these illustrations allows for an independent quality to the work.

This is something Dropbox has used well previously to distinguish itself through social media and online.

 3. Cinemagraphs

Cinemagraphs are a type of GIF where a single or minor elements are made to move on a still image. This is a relatively simple solution but is quick to grab the attention of the audience.

This is something Netflix have applied in their email marketing campaign for their original series House of Cards.



These trends are a few of many currently being applied in projects by designers. The list could go on but these highlighted trends are ones that have made me stop to appreciate their application into design work in the marketing.

Liam Penman

Junior Designer


Facebook Groups' Big Update.

Facebook groups have been growing in importance over the past few years, as users want to share their content with a smaller group of relevant people, and maybe not broadcast their love of Shiba Inu dogs or Rupaul's Drag Race to the entirety of their network. They are a great opportunity for brands to engage with those passionate about their product on a much more personal level, and since last months update which linked Facebook pages to certain groups this has become a growing trend.

Facebook is now building on this growth, and has announced a whole host of group updates:

1. Group Insights

A bugbear for marketers for a considerable time has been the lack of group analytics and data, meaning it's difficult to monitor content and peak times for posting etc. However, Facebook will now roll out group insights across groups for admins, meaning businesses will be able to better use groups for real goals and marketing purposes.

2. Member Processes Improved

Facebook has also streamlined the processes for removing and admitting new users to groups. They have also given admins more power over the longevity of certain users comments, meaning they have a greater license to direct conversations in meaningful ways.

3. Scheduled Posts

Another huge improvement to the way marketers can use groups is the ability to schedule posts over the weekend when most users are online and likely to engage with content. This means groups can be managed more like pages, meaning updates and announcements can be posted at the correct time, allowing for more structured group conversation.

4. Linked Groups

As mentioned above, groups are now able to link to Facebook pages, but this isn't where the connectivity ends! Facebook's latest update means that you can link a group to another related group. This opens up the option to have multiple linked groups for differing discussion points and aspects of a brand's marketing, e.g consumer events vs. trade events and so on.

We're inclined to agree with Facebook that Groups are the future; we can't wait to see what further updates are in store, and we wouldn't be surprised if it becomes its own standalone app, much like Messenger.

Megan Reid

Social Media Executive


And that's it for this week folks! Stay tuned for next weeks update when we will hear from our Analytics and Paid Search teams.