18/08: Digital Marketing News


Robert Ferguson. Rebecca Richardson.

Top news this week folks: Robert is delving into the world of writing effective PPC ads and Becca shares the latest interesting brand partnership between Airbnb and Vice Media that ups the brand's stake in the 'travel experience' space. Enjoy!

7 Top Tips For Writing Better Ads – With Stats To Prove It

Writing a compelling PPC ad is part-art and part-science. Clearly, one of the best parts of paid search is that the science part is instantly measurable, allowing learnings to be gathered about the most effective strategy for an account.

Because every keyword, demographic, geographic region or even time of day potentially represents a different user with unique needs and problems, finding a catch-all solution within one perfectly written piece of ad copy is unlikely. Which is where the creative (or art, if you are feeling a bit grandiose this Friday!) bit comes in.

With that in mind, there are a lot best practices out there for ad copy that can give you a big head start for writing new ads or reviewing existing copy to find improvements. Clicteq have recently released an excellent infographic showing 7 ad copy writing tips, including some hard stats to back up their recommendations. Happy writing!

Robert Ferguson, Senior Paid Media Manager


The Kings of Competitions

It’s fair to say that the way we research, book and experience our summer trips has changed quite dramatically over the past decade. The rise of online platforms, meta search engines, travel influencers and the ease of finding information about the trendiest places to venture this season are all at our finger tips making travel more accessible than ever. However one thing that has not changed is our travelling mindset: It's the experience that counts. For example: 

  • Going to Paris? Better see the Eiffel Tower.
  • Hop on a plane to Italy? Get to the Leaning Tower of Pisa.
  • Dream trip to Blackpool? You better be dancing in the Tower’s ballroom where Mr Anton Du Beke’s salsa brought many women to near tears.

Well the king of disruption in the travel industry - Airbnb - is more than aware that many of us are not experiencing the golden gems that so many of these amazing cities and cultures have to offer. As such, the brand has partnered with Vice Media to bring one of a kind experiences to 100 lucky travellers across the world.

What we can expect to see

In doing this, Airbnb and Vice Media are rewarding the loyalists who have helped the hospitality giant well …become a global hospitality giant. And what better way to do that than providing trips so unique that others will be enticed to spend money for the same experience. However the real win for Airbnb is the traffic that the PR, social media and marketing of the competition will drive to their latest Trips platform, proving that Airbnb is expanding its offering far beyond accommodation. It was only a matter of time before such a step was taken and we can’t wait to see the results.

Rebecca Richardson, Content and Social Media Executive


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