10/08: Digital Marketing News

Iain Curran, Karen Brownlie

This week, Iain Curran discusses the implementation of AI to email marketing, whilst Karen Brownlie gives us an update on the new Google launch of Responsive Search Ads.

Email Marketing: The future has arrived

Email marketing – one of the most matured forms of digital marketing and a channel proven to get results. Industry wide sources report staggering figures around using email to reach customers, perhaps the most significant from eMarketer - which found the median email marketing campaign ROI is 122%. 2018 has saw some incredible developments for email including AI and more video incorporation, meaning you can now hit ROI with exciting refreshed features.

Personalisation within marketing is at an all-time high and email was one of the first channels to pioneer its use. AI features now enable you to reach a deeper level of personalisation and action data-informed decisions on segmentation, optimisation and even send time.

Optimising subject lines and body copy is a stand out feature of email AI. Using imagery to connect with customers is usually straight forward but creating engaging copy that converts to purchases can be more complex – how can you specifically attribute copy to conversions without UTM links? AI capabilities take out the guess work and use learnings to suggest copy based on previous clicks, conversions and purchases. This not only makes the job of a marketer easier, but also more effective.

Cognitive computing and machine learning AI are complex technologies, but used in applicable campaigns can be a very efficient way of reaching marketing goals. It is important to note that as learning is required, AI implementation needs to be factored into a longer-term strategy and can only be evaluated after a reasonable length of time.

Iain Curran, Digital Marketing Executive


Responsive Search Ads; a new Google launch

Responsive Text Adwords search ads, when announced, seemed like a product that should have been around for years; so used to personalisation we are that this announcement was met with a slightly numb crowd.

However… time saving alone is reason enough for the PPC-er in all of us to get that little bit more excited for our multivariate tests.

Responsive ads will allow the use of multiple headline and descriptions and allow the ad to build based on behaviours. Not only that, depending on device there could be evened more space to share your client’s message to the world.

They’re not available everywhere as yet, and tests are still ongoing but it will be interesting to see how this develops?

Want to know more? https://support.google.com/google-ads/answer/7684791

Karen Brownlie, PPC Manager