07/09: Digital Marketing News


Jamie Edwardson, Antonia Grier

This week, Jamie Edwardson gives us the rundown on updates to LinkedIn video ads, and Antonia Grier tells us about Facebook users deleting the application.

 LinkedIn Video Ads: A B2B Blessing

As part of LinkedIn’s mass rollout of new ad formats over the past year, in March we were finally blessed with the ability to serve video ads within traffic or video views campaigns. This is a platform feature that the majority of advertisers will agree has been long sought after, meaning the days of hosting video ads off site and struggling to decrypt video view, completion, and cost data is a thing of the past.

A few months on from its release, it would appear that LinkedIn have hit the nail on the head, offering a powerful platform to serve informational video content within a B2B focused environment.

Studies have shown that, compared to Facebook, LinkedIn’s average Cost per View is significantly lower, and videos served on the B2B platform tend to see a significantly higher Completion Rate.

As you would expect, Facebook delivers a significantly lower CPC on average, however, when you take into consideration the quality of the audience and the highly focused B2B targeting options available to your business on LinkedIn, it seems like a no brainer ‘go-to’ option when running campaigns of this nature.

Of course, with Facebook dominating the video advertising marketspace there are a fewer number of advertisers crowding LinkedIn with ads and therefore the market isn’t nearly as competitive. As the platform becomes more popular amongst advertisers it will be very interesting to see how the performance statistics look in comparison.

If you are thinking of running a B2B lead gen campaign, then it seems like LinkedIn is without a doubt going to be your best friend in this scenario.

Jamie Edwardson, Search Marketing Executive


Facebook Users Deleting App

Facebook is one of the most influential and powerful companies in the world. Founded by Mark Zuckerberg it quickly ascended to be the biggest social media platform around, with over 1.8 billion monthly active users. However, many of these users are now seeking alternative social media outlets and Facebook is beginning to lose favourability.

Numbers have been drastically dropping over the last couple of years with 74% of users who are 18 and older having adjusted their privacy settings, taken a break from checking it for weeks at a time or deleted the app all together.

Facebook has been at the centre of severe social media scandals recently. One memorable controversy is the Cambridge analitica data crisis where it was revealed that the company released almost 87 million user’s data without direct consent. This accompanied with many other press nightmares and the climb of other social media platforms may be at the route of the Facebooks apps downfall.

Facebook has been a reliable marketing website for companies for many years, due to the affordability, ease of audience targeting and straightforward engagement with consumers. However, with the recent social media trends maybe apps such as Instagram should be a much more central advertising platform for businesses.

Instagram has a massive global reach, with 500 million active users daily and the highest user engagement out of all social media sites. Alongside this it is much more innovative and a creative outlet at the forefront of the latest trends such as influencer marketing.

What does this mean? It means that in order to connect with your audience, we are needing to place more importance in other channels and strategies.

Antonia Grier, Marketing Intern