06/10: Digital Marketing News


Becca Richardson. Joannie McLellan. Gordon Carslaw.

Hot of the press from the social media, SEO and paid search teams, Becca's discussing brand marketing by way of Lufthansa's FlyingLab, Joannie's deconstructing the latest Google Adwords update, and Gordon is still buzzing from BrightonSEO, taking the chat around chatbots that little bit further. Enjoy!

Fly in Style!

We all love a good networking event don’t we? A little mingle here, swapping of business cards there, all before top notch speakers feed our brains with even more digital knowledge that we oh so crave! The German airline Lufthansa are also clearly business-event-thrill-seekers and as such have developed a novel idea combining flight travel and digital innovation.

The brand's year-old programme Flyinglab hosts digital focused events up to 30,000 feet in the air, ensuring their passengers receive far more than a sandwich, a tea and 25% off selected perfumes and aftershaves. What’s more the flight add-on is absolutely free. A powerful brand marketing tool, travellers are specifically choosing Lufthansa as the airlines’ in flight experiences are tailored to fit with the conferences that passengers are typically travelling to. FlyingLab has become a point of difference for the brand, giving travellers a reason to choose Lufthansa over another in an extremely competitive landscape. 

Thus far 6 events have taken place all with speakers, in-flight workshops demonstrating new technologies such as virtual reality, chat bots and live streaming sessions! As social media marketers, our only disappointment of this idea is that we love a live tweet session, and sadly you have to keep those phones on flight mode. Regardless, we’ll definitely be booking our flights with Lufthansa next time!

Rebecca Richardson, Content and Social Media Executive


Google Doubles Adwords Budgets Automatically

On Wednesday, Google notified paid search advertisers that they are changing the way they handle campaign budgets ongoing - a change that has already happened and is in no way optional!

In the tweet, Google announced:

"To help you hit your advertising goals, your campaigns can now spend up to twice your average daily budget."

Nice spin!

The business also added an announcement within Google Adwords for advertisers:



So how does this affect Google advertisers?

Basically, Google can double a campaign's daily budget at its own discretion based on traffic levels BUT it won't go over the monthly charging limit of 30.4 multiplied by your average daily budget.

The news of this change hasn't left all advertisers happy as it could result in campaign budgets running out earlier in the month if traffic levels are high during earlier days. The fact that the change was implemented on the same day as the notice and is mandatory also seemed to r annoy some advertisers who took to Twitter to share their woes.

 For more information on this visit Search Engine Land.

Joannie McLellan, Senior Digital Marketing Executive


Chatbots in SERPs?

Let’s rap for minute ye? Awesome. So there’s been a lot of chat around chatbots lately. Not only did it feature at BrightonSEO, you can find our takeaways from BrightonSEO here, its importance in the customer journey is growing. These feelings have only been strengthened from the news this week that Bing is experimenting with a chatbot feature directly in the search results…."Gordon say whattttt?" Yep, no joke! But how is this going to affect us marketers?

Before we dive into Bing, I want to rewind and pick out something that was discussed at BrightonSEO. Cindy Krum from Mobile Moxie highlighted the importance of chatbots in SEO in her presentation on ‘Understanding the impact of Mobile-First Indexing’ (Slide 18) which shows that chatbots are growing faster than apps.



Messenger bots are growing quicker than apps did. The first 3 months of apps generated 7.500 apps whereas chatbots generated 11,000. After 6 months there were 15,000 apps whereas chatbots reached double that figure with 30,000, showing a 100% growth for apps but chatbots smashing them out the park with an increase of 170% growth. This only proves it’s becoming ever more important in the customer journey and that people are liking them.

It was, therefore, no surprise to read that Bing are testing them out within the search engine's results page (SERPs). During a Future of Search meeting, Bing and Rik Van Der Kooi, corporate vice president for Microsoft Advertising Worldwide, discussed how chatbots could form a much greater part of the search journey and experience. Rik said that since May in Seattle, US, Bing has been testing chatbots in the search for both paid and organic results. But how would it work?

So chatbot integrations in future would enable us to book a test drive, engage with customer services, order products and services online, direct through search. As Cindy highlighted, Search Engines are already becoming clever at displaying things in knowledge graphs, to even book a table at a restaurant without visiting a website or even the URL changing.

Rik goes on further to explore the huge potential for chatbots and the future of search, hammering home the importance of API’s and data integrations to help the future of consumer interaction. It’s for this reason we as marketers have to be clever about how we can be visible in chatbots, in knowledge graphs and on voice.

We can do this by going back to my new favourite person, Cindy Krum, where she highlighted that Google is now able to rank things on search results that don’t have a URL. Type in ‘cow noises’ into Google. There’s no URL but you can play the sounds. If Google can’t crawl it then how is it pulling in this information, well it’s from the cloud. Google is going to prefer content it can pull from the cloud as it’s easier for them to crawl compared to a number of pages on your website. In addition, content on the cloud is easier to share among devices, desktop, mobile, television, voice and even your watch an example just now is content shared through Chromecast. If you can do this then Google is going to want to rank it as it increases customer experience. This is what I can see happening with chatbots within the search results and is why Cindy emphasises that "Cloud-First Indexing is the new SEO".

It’s definitely one to keep an eye on in the future and see if it is something that eventually gets rolled out globally. For more information on this topic and the challenges a chatbot has in the future you can find them here. All that’s left to say folks is have a great weekend and as always we will see you next week for another Dog Marketing team Friday Briefing.

Gordon Carslaw, Senior Digital Marketing Executive


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