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Megan Reid.

This week, we've got one contributor and it's our very own Social Media Executive, Megan. She's been inspired to share her Top 10 Instagram tips. So, before you head out to snap your fun in the sunshine this weekend, check out these simple recommendations!

Our Top 10 Instagram Dos and Don’ts

I came across an article in Social Media Examiner offering 3 pieces of advice around using Instagram Stories Ads this week which started me thinking. Wider than Instagram Stories advertising, if someone asked me for 10 things they should remember when using Instagram for their business, it would be these:


  1. DO know your theme/niche

    Post what you know. As an individual or company it’s important to be knowledgeable and produce content of high quality. No one wants a bar specialist posting photos of a cat, and no-one needs a cat cafe posting selfies (unless it’s with the cats, Instagram loves cats.)

  2. DON'T try to do it all at once

    Focus on being known for one speciality. Post the best motivational quotes or Tip Tuesdays. Don’t try and incorporate too many new themes into your Instagram account at once.

  3. DO get verified and add links to stories.

    Getting verified not only lends a certain validity and prestige to your account, it also comes with some GREAT perks. Our favourite is the ability to add links to your Instagram stories. We’ve seen great uptake from this, as it feels like the most natural way to view web content on Instagram with a simple swipe action.

  4. DON'T add links in posts

    Don’t include a link in your post copy the same way you would on Facebook or Twitter. It isn’t clickable, or copy and pastable. Which just leads to a frustrated user or social media exec! By all means say ‘Link in Bio’, but that link had better match up correctly, so be sure to remove that from old posts.

  5. DO post aesthetically pleasing content

    Instagram is all about the beauty; be it photography, jewellery, selfies or puppies. Any post that isn't in some way ‘pretty’ or at least funny, tends to be met with tumbleweed...

  6. DON’T only post campaign or overly polished images

    With the above set don’t just post campaign content, or overly polished shots, as this can get boring and to a degree relentless.Try some flatlays or utilising brand UGC to change things up a bit.

  7. DO use Instagram stories to post behind the scenes, off the cuff content

    Stories are officially taking over from Snapchat, and we aren’t mad about it. Instagram stories are a great way to get closer to your followers and capitalise on their interest in your brand - you’ve already completed the first step, they follow you!

  8. DON’T put hashtags in the main body of your post

    Admittedly this is more of a style comment, and it may not be as paramount to everyone’s enjoyment of Instagram as it is to ours, but please use just one main hashtag in the copy of your post and hide the rest on the next line!

  9. DO use lots of hashtags

    We are not against hashtag stuffing... this is the way of Instagram, and is an honoured and respected tradition. But please hide them in the comments, or using the “dot enter dot’ system. Hashtags are a great way to get your content noticed on Instagram, but think of them as back-end Instagram, or tags for search- no one really wants to see the functional ones. #HashtagPolice.

  10. DON’T neglect the analytics

    Gone are the days when Instagram had no analytics at all, and all we did have was educated guess work. While the analytics still aren’t great they do allow for some insight into your followers and how your posts are doing. Be sure to check when your followers are online and cater to them!


Megan Reid, Social Media Executive


And that's it this week - we're off to enjoy the sunshine. If you have any comments or questions, feel free to tweet us or hit us up on Facebook!