01/09: Digital Marketing News


Gordon Carslaw. Rebecca Richardson. Liam Penman.

This week, Gordon's giving us the lowdown on the latest Google Adwords update, Becca shares her thoughts on the developments to WhatsApp and Liam provides a little creative inspiration, showing us some Facebook canvasses that caught his eye.

ICYMI: Google AdWords Update – Landing Pages Mobile Assessment Tool

This week I was out of the Glasgow Office and as I travelled down to London it gave me time to check what’s new out there in the Digital World. Don’t know how I missed this one last week but, if like me, you missed it here’s an update on Google AdWords latest tool.

Google has created a tab in the new AdWords experience that will allow marketers to determine which pages on their site need to be optimised or fixed for mobile. It’s being rolled out in the next few weeks to help advertisers with their mobile performance. It’s becoming a common theme in our Friday Briefings - how a poor experience on mobile, from page speed to design, can become a blocker to users converting. This new tool will hopefully help marketers to eradicate these errors.

Google announced this update at Google Marketing Next this year and the tool will help us to analyse numerous landing pages from a mobile perspective. Within AdWords a table within the tab will show what pages drive the most clicks and engagement. In addition, it will report the Mobile Friendly Click Rate (MFCR) which is the percentage of people clicking through to your site from mobile and landing on a mobile friendly page.

Pretty cool I’d say. However, one thing to note is that the MFCR data is only available for Search campaigns and not on Display or Video.

For more information on the new Mobile Assessment Tool, you can find it here on Google’s Blog. In relation to this new update on Google AdWords you might be thinking, ‘I better start optimising my landing pages’, well if you are then check out our piece last week on Should I optimise for both Mobile and Desktop?  

Staying on the topic of Mobile here’s another article for you to check out:

Proof that no ranking boost for responsive sites exists in 2017 (Search Engine Land)

All that’s left for me to say is, as always, have a great weekend and we hope to see you next week for our next Dog Friday Briefing.

Gordon Carslaw, Senior Digital Marketing Executive



Whatsupp in WhatsApp? Well let us tell you!

I think we can all agree that 2014 was quite the influential year. The Commonwealth Games had turned Glasgow into a hub of sporting joy; Flappy Bird had just come into play with users ripping their hair out when they flew a bit too far and of course…Facebook bought WhatsApp for a total of $19bn.

And now ladies and gents we get to witness the first move the social media giant has made in monetising the messaging service with the launch of a verified business accounts programme.

What are we on about?

Essentially Facebook has opened up the opportunity for businesses to engage with over a billion daily WhatsApp users across the globe, however only if they are verified. As a user, if you see a green badge next to a contact’s name it means that you are 100% connected with a legitimate business and thus the wonderful world of communication and marketing to begin! Users can also block specific companies from contacting them.

WaBetaInfo also suggests that this will let business’ set their business hours, automate responses and that a specific Android version of WhatsApp will be available to SMBs.

This is no doubt a relatively small step taken over the course of three years but knowing Facebook, it’ll only be a matter of time before we start seeing that update bubble popping up on our smartphones. Then WhatsApp will never be the same again!

Rebecca Richardson, Content and Social Media Executive


Creative inspiration of the week: Footlocker Facebook canvas ad.

This Facebook canvas ad (images below) stood out for me as a strong piece of design and a great use of a communication channel this week.

For Footlocker, this ad follows a clean, minimalist approach. Strong and current product photography has been used with lots of white space to add emphasis to the individual products and capture the brand message: "Everything that is essential. Nothing that is not."  A short video, a stripped back colour palette, and the use of clean typography adds to the overall modern look and feel. 


In a sea of advertising this has been one piece that stood out as a piece inspiration this week.

Liam Penman, Junior Designer


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