Social Media


Conversations are happening all over the world, all of the time. And brands are either involved in conversations about them, or they aren’t. We wouldn’t advocate the latter. In any situation.

With the correct strategic planning and management, the opportunities are endless. Social media communications can build brand awareness, nurture and grow communities, or boost sales, if that’s what the client wants.

Our social media offering is strong. Not only do we benefit from having in house creative and technical departments on hand, but we’re Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn account managed. We’re privileged in that sense. Being able to offer a full social media service backed up by those with creative talents and technical know-how, while being treated to support and access to relevant beta releases from the most popular social networks of our time.


In today’s world, social media has a massive impact on every organisation. Taking into account the wider marketing mix, we work with clients to help them understand the part social media currently plays, and could potentially play in achieving business goals.

Intelligence and strategy.

Our social media team works closely with the Research and Planning team to develop social media strategies underpinned by intelligence and insight.

Effective social media strategies begin with listening. We use the latest social media monitoring tools to listen to conversations, interpreting sentiment, uncovering potential issues or opportunities, and identifying influencers who are driving relevant conversations. Integrating this insight into wider business and market intelligence means that we come up with a compelling social media strategy, with recommendations made based on knowledge and understanding.

Armed with the necessary knowledge of clients’ organisations and the market, we’ll look into the future - as much as we can in this fast paced area of marketing - to come up with escalation plans that adapt and grow with clients to ensure social media strategies with legacy and longevity.

Deployment, the exciting bit.

The channels have been selected, the audience identified, the KPIs defined. Now it’s time to get involved in meaningful interactions with the people you want to communicate with. Our strategies contain short term tactics including social media competitions, targeted influencer campaigns, and of course conversation response, while longer term activities involve blogger outreach, community management and reputation building. Whether it’s a quick win or slow burner, our social media communications are designed to deliver strong, positive engagement. 

Social media training for clients.

As clients get to grips with its importance, we are increasingly being asked to deliver bespoke social media training programmes to in house teams. We’ll devise guidelines and strategy, and help with deployment, supporting clients’ own social media or community managers until they feel confident enough to go it alone. We’re always on hand to lend a hand, or a friendly ear though, should they need it.

So, how would we sum up our social media service?

We’ve got two ears, two eyes and one mouth. And we use them in that order. We help our clients to listen, gain insight into and participate in conversations across the full range of social media networks.