Social Media Advertising


We’re in with the gang.

Social media advertising must accommodate brands aiming to connect with target consumers, and consumers who are keen to interact with brands in a certain way: at a time that suits them, without interfering with their experiences. It’s an extremely delicate discipline, a craft really. Our dedicated team finds it exhilarating, and hugely rewarding.

We work closely with our partners at Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. We were the first UK agency to deploy Twitter cards. Facebook have used our 2012 UEFA Europa League campaign as a best practice case study for other agencies to follow. At any one time we have over 60 different campaigns running across Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

We’ve gained respect from commercial teams at all major social media networks and built strong relationships with their advertising teams. This means we’re privy to new ad features, and can pick up the phone to ask any product or campaign specific questions at a moment’s notice. Our clients benefit from our expertise and recognized skills, receiving the most effective – both in terms of results and value – social media advertising strategies available at the time.

Hit the sweetspot.

The tactics we employ as part of social media advertising strategies mean that Dog find the social media advertising sweet spot: advertising that consumers connect with. And advertising that triggers interaction with clients’ messages.

We find the elusive sweet spot through granular targeting and retargeting, split testing copy, and daily optimisation. Carried out by humans, supported by the latest tools. With some of our campaigns being set up with over 10,000 variants, and niche targeting taking into consideration region, interest, behaviour, language and device preference, we make sure our clients’ ads are tailored to resonate with target audiences. No bluderbuss advertising carried out here.

Clarify the mindboggling through reporting.

Social media advertising is a complex beast. And we understand that clients want to know exactly what’s happening at each stage of the process. That’s why we convert performance statistics into easy to digest reports, constantly updating clients on exactly how their campaigns are performing. Collaboration is key. Working closely with clients, we’ll celebrate successes, flag challenges and make recommendations for moving budgets, changing copy or tweaking targeting tactics. It really is a team effort, and working from the same page at all times is crucial.