Paid Search


We’re lucky to have an A team of paid search marketers geared up to make sure clients’ websites are visible to most relevant audiences at the best time and in the right places.

Before we kick off any campaign, we’ll analyse the search market, benchmark our clients and their competitors, and estimate costs and KPIs. A thorough planning process enables us to devise a strategy to give our clients the best value for their investment and the greatest returns. By communicating our findings to clients, our approach ensures that we’re working from the same page and expectations are fully understood from the very beginning.

We're selective.

Being Google, Yahoo! And Bing accredited, we know our way around all networks relevant to our clients. By picking and choosing the best solution, we make sure clients’ websites feature where they need to be to fulfill campaign objectives. Each advertising platform has its own benefits and challenges, so understanding each one in terms of reach, user behaviour, costs, targeting ability and measurement means that our campaigns are considered, and implemented to reap maximum rewards for clients.

Hands on approach.

Being a heavyweight team in terms of numbers and years of experience, gives us a huge advantage. It means our search marketing campaigns are dynamic, and benefit from human attention, on a daily basis. While we use fantastic tools and implement automation tactics regularly, we don’t rely on technology when the human touch delivers better results. The performance of each campaign is analysed daily, and we optimise campaigns based on the nuances we uncover as campaigns progress. 

Benefits of remarketing.

Didn’t bite the first time? All is not lost. Remember that people are indecisive. This is especially true in the online environment. Before coming to a decision - whether that’s interacting with a brand or purchasing something or whatever - people search from their laptops, browse using their mobile or tablets and ask their friends on social networks. They move around online before making any decisions. That’s life.

Remarketing is a powerful technique we use to market our clients to indecisive people, and to stay engaged with target audiences. Sticking at the front of people’s minds with tailored, relevant content, without being overbearing or annoying. That’s the benefit, and the beauty of remarketing.

Hello stranger!

Marketing to people who don’t know our clients is fascinating. It's where display advertising meets search data. It’s a match made in heaven and something we call search retargeting. Bringing people and brands together using data, this technique is effective in engaging new people who are already qualified.

Search retargeting is a fantastic technique for both brand awareness and product campaigns, targeting a large audience who have perhaps no existing relationship with our clients but have shown interest in their product or service – or related areas - through their search behaviour and habits.

Search engine marketing, PPC, display advertising, search marketing, search retargeting…Paid Search is a complex element of marketing, but with the right planning, a true understanding of goals and audiences, and a selection of the most appropriate tactics, it can be extremely effective.