Email Marketing


Helping our clients build strong, long lasting relationships with their customers and stakeholders. That’s the way we think about email marketing. And we consider it a crucial part of any communications strategy.

Our Email marketing is scalable and full service, drawing on the expertise of our creative and design teams, not to mention our content and copywriting maestros, and managed throughout by our experienced digital marketing and account management team. Our clients receive the full service.

Gone are the days of one size fits all, blanket Email marketing. And thank goodness for that. The main focus of Email marketing is the recipient. People are looking for relevant, personalised messages in their inbox, and that’s what makes the difference between a client making a meaningful connection with their target audience, and an email going straight to trash.

The strategy is defined by main objectives, and we’ll work with our clients to identify main aims, requirements and target audience. Selecting the most appropriate package from an extensive list, we’ll take the brief to the creative team, and if we’re being really fancy the devs, to work their magic on the template and creative content.

By carrying out split testing, mailing list hygiene and unsubscribe rules, our team makes sure clients’ communications are as effective as possible.

Our Email marketing service approach works for single email delivery, or enterprise scale email solutions, it’s the attention to detail that matters, and the results, of course.