Display Media Buying and Planning


Planning: The backbone of every great campaign.

We talk about the “always on” consumer now, and it’s true. People are increasingly connected, and swapping devices and channels at various points throughout the day. We’ve become demanding. We want personalised communications with relevant messages.

It is up to marketers like us to make sure that consumers are being served adverts that resonate, across the right channel at the most appropriate times.

We bang on about this a lot, but it’s because we never rush into a campaign without the necessary intelligence, defined KPIs and tailored strategy of integrated services required to deliver exceptional campaigns. Data is the driving force behind display advertising. We use it to fully understand the target consumer, their behaviour and preferences. We take a holistic approach, collecting data and linking from multiple channels to inform a strategy that displays the most relevant adverts to them when they are most receptive.

It pays to drive a hard bargain.

Our media planners and buyers are tough negotiators. They make it their mission to drive down costs for clients where possible, buying media across a full range of portals, networks and standalone sites. It helps that we are an independent agency so aren’t tied into agreements with networks. We can be fleet footed with our budgets, finding the best solution at the best price to make sure our clients’ messages are placed in the most appropriate places. 

Relationships matter.

We’re not solely focused on the money, and work hard to build strong relationships with our reps at the various networks. Why do we bother? Well, it means we hear about the latest formats and new offerings as soon as they become available. And sometimes before they become available. It’s a win-win for us and our clients. 

And the creative speaks for itself.

We’ve been creating great, impactful adverts for digital channels for 18 years now. We’re lucky to have an in house creative department working closely with display advertising experts. It gives us the freedom to deliver the full cycle of media planning and buying the right size and ad format, not solely based on CPM, but according to each campaign’s creative requirements. Having our creatives right there by our side means that we can manage display ads dynamically, optimising as required rather than missing the boat due to long lead times.

Measurement and reporting.

With so many channels, networks, portals to deal with, not to mention the range of ad variations that can reach mindboggling numbers, display advertising can appear daunting. We make sure that clients are kept in the loop throughout the process, with our team reporting on negotiations and performance regularly. If a client doesn’t understand why we’re doing something, what we’re doing, or how well a campaign is running, then we’ve failed. But at Dog we never let that happen.