Persona Development


Getting to know people.

We're in the business of people. We create marketing campaigns that connect with people. We build websites that provide relevant, engaging experiences for people. And we produce creative content that resonates with people.

Persona development is a fundamental part of our Research & Planning service proposition and drill down many depths. From top level Pen Portrait to granular Full Persona development, our team carries out face to face interviews, telephone interviews, observation studies (online and/or offline) and online surveys to build as wide a picture as we can.

We’ll typically identify a few key areas of interest around core user groups or target audiences, and perform both qualitative research to generate valuable insight, and quantitative research to qualify and scale findings from the qualitative aspect.

Getting to know the people our clients want to interact with helps to focus efforts on a defined set of user groups, and avoids any assumption-based decisions being made.

Certainly worthwhile when you think of all of the information we’re constantly being bombarded with that might influence or cloud our strategic decision - making processes.