Market Intelligence


Market Intelligence.

We market to humans, funnily enough. And humans are intelligent. Yes we use the latest tools and analyse the data, but before we benchmark clients against competitors, audit existing marketing initiatives or estimate costs for specific campaigns, we take a step back. We think about the humans we want to market to, and use our own intelligence to ensure that marketing strategies – while underpinned by data and research insight – are focused on people, the relevant people.

We’re inquisitive. Finding out everything we can about our clients, their marketing, the target audience and the landscape within which they operate and live means that our marketing strategies – whether PPC, SEO, social media, social media advertising, display media buying, or email marketing – are considered, and informed by intelligence.

We’re people people. At every opportunity, we like to deal with humans and work hard to build relationships with the people who can support us in our intelligence gathering. For example, we’re certified Google Partners and have a great relationship with our dedicated team over at Google HQ. A great honour, and something that enables us to grow our understanding of search marketing and our clients’ areas of business.

This is just one of the things that makes our intelligence gathering fun. Yes, we are quite at home sifting through spreadsheets, but our approach means that we spend a lot of time communicating with our Research & Planning team and external partners. Our tools are just that, tools to support our intelligence as humans, and digital natives.

Our marketing intelligence service: What matters is how you interpret the data supplied by the tools, ask the right questions and apply a human touch to devise a magical marketing mix.