Customer Journey Mapping


Making things happen as and when the user expects.

Effective digital experiences need to provide intuitive, compelling journeys for users. They should also nudge users toward specific actions. Our team considers the best journeys as those that make things happen when the user expects and the information they require can be easily accessed.

Customer journey mapping is a crucial stage in our digital strategy and website design & development processes. We’ve grown our team and honed our practice, and we believe it’s pretty effective.

Our approach to the technical aspects of the user journey focuses on creating and resolving task models and customer experience maps. Together they show us what the customers require and how they navigate structures and information. Used to identify the behaviours customers adopt and highlight the key requirements at each stage of the process, the valuable insight they offer enable us to define user paths and provide our clients’ users with an engaging experience.

Task models and experience maps work alongside persona development. They often feed off the same sort of research and are usually created at the same time, allowing us to investigate the different requirements for each persona type, and ultimately core user group.

Marrying our insight with a full understanding of the business, marketing and digital strategies, the team develops experience lifecycles for each group. We actively plan to create the relevant touch points throughout user journeys, identifying key pages and trigger points across clients’ websites or mobile apps that generate meaningful interactions.

Achieving emotional engagement and rational journeys that deliver the desired outcome for clients requires a delicate blend of direct and subtle communications through effective UX design and planning.

Powerful user experiences are only created when all aspects of the brand are working in harmony to deliver against a well-planned and strategically placed series of engagement actions. It’s a delicate and complex process. And one we carry out in partnership with our clients.

Our collaborative ‘design in partnership’ methodology – applied from the outset - creates an openness and no nonsense discussion environment. We believe that the way we work facilitates the greatest success from the early stages in the journey mapping process.

Whether looking to gain insight into current user behaviour, or explore future opportunities, customer journey mapping is hugely valuable to both brand and business.