The best Open Source CMS bar none


Great Danes.

We love the Danes. They've created some of our favourite software.

Sitecore, Podio, uCommerce and... Umbraco.  There must be something in the air (or beer) in Denmark that breeds great technological innovation, and combines that with engineering so well considered the German's might become envious.

Umbraco is a truly great CMS, and believe us we've used a few over the years.  We’ve deployed some huge sites on it.  Sites that previously would have required hard cash for commercial platforms now get as good as (or better) for free.

You can’t really argue with that.

Content management done well.

Our clients get their heads round working on Umbraco in just a few hours and rarely come back for help. It focusses on the main task in hand - managing your website content - with a feature set that gets the job done. At the same time, its framework approach allows for customisations and third party modules which extend the base product way beyond what you might expect.

Multi-site? Tick...
Multi-lingual? Sure...
Integrations? Yes...
Migrations? No problem...

Take a look at our work for Infront Sports & Media and you’ll get an idea for Umbraco’s capabilities. This fully-responsive website is set to launch its global sister-sites any day now, each on its own domain, translated into its native language, and sharing multi-lingual content from the primary site. Oh, and all their amazing images and video are integrated with PicturePark.

Open Source with Benefits.

We like Open Source software. At least when it's well planned and backed by a solid team. Fortunately for us, Umbraco is...

It's part of the new school of vendor supported OS software. In other words you don’t need to be completely reliant on the development community to fix issues, you have the option of paying for support direct from Umbraco. This can provide peace of mind to your business that there’s a structure in place behind Dog to support your site. Additionally there are many third party modules available for free, but there are also paid-for modules well supported by their creators. And when we say "paid for", it's nothing that will break the bank.

Umbraco is Open Source with its business head on.