Our clients love Sitecore. Our developers love Sitecore. Dog loves Sitecore.


Why Sitecore?

We know our Content Management Systems. We've worked with so many over the years we've nearly lost count. Looking back at some of those projects, we always made it work, but it wasn't always easy. Then Sitecore came along and our developers were like "hey, this software thinks like I think", and our clients were saying "hey, it does exactly what I want it to, and really quickly". Everyone was happy, and the love affair had begun.

We've been a Sitecore Partner for over six years now, now a Gold Implementation Partner, and have delivered websites of all sizes for our clients. From small, perfectly formed, brochure-ware sites through to complex Digital Platforms that leverage Sitecore's full marketing potential.

CxP - Customer experience platform.

At its heart, Sitecore is a very capable web content management. Or CMS as we call it. It sweeps the floor with any other premium platform we've encountered in terms of usability, customisation and speed.

For starters, you get two interfaces to manage your site. The Content Editor is a familiar and logical tree structure, with menus and buttons putting your editors only a click or two away from the action they require. For the more visually oriented, there's the Page Editor, where content can be managed in situ, fully-styled so results can be seen instantly. Many of our clients now use the Page Editor for everything they need.

Sitecore, however, is much more than a CMS. It's an Experience Platform.

Combining the CMS capabilities with the Digital Marketing System (DMS), Sitecore have created a fully integrated platform, where editors, marketers, and business owners can collaborate to create individual customer experiences. We're no longer looking at "one size fits all" with Sitecore. We're tailoring our content and journeys for our audiences, reacting to what they tell us, and nurturing them through to engagement.

By creating unique digital experiences, we can help build customers for life.

Digital Marketing System.

Sitecore DMS embeds the controls for digital marketing right into the same place your editors are using to manage content. Sitecore is the only fully integrated platform of its kind, where you don't have to move from one module to another to achieve what you need.

Editors can set up split testing with just a few clicks. It really is that simple. Sitecore's philosophy, until recently, was "fail fast" or "test and learn". Those are key fundamentals, and certainly a great starting point, but we're now saying "test EVERYTHING". Our expertise combined with your knowledge of your business can get you to a great starting point for your website, but making assumptions about your visitors is risky. That's why we test our content. Sitecore makes it easy to set up split A/B and multi-variant tests and will report back exactly what content worked and what didn't. Now you're letting your audience make your decisions.

And then there's personalisation. Understanding who your users are, as individuals, will allow your site to respond through messaging, tone of voice, and creative ways to be relevant to that user, in that moment. This is not a new concept, but these capabilities previously the domain of Amazon and the like, can now be at your fingertips.

Setting up personas and profile cards based on your known audience groups allows the site to respond in a general manner to your various user groups, this is just the beginning. Add in the power of the Sitecore Rules Engine, combined with information on the individual user, either through CRM integration or from Social Login, allows us to start a conversation unique to that user.

Now, do you see the potential?

Integrate with anything.

No website is an island. Let us build bridges to let your business, offline and digital data travel freely.

Your website knows some things about your business.  That's what your content managers have told it.  It also knows a great deal about your customers, from their activity browsing and engaging with your content.  But what next?  What happens when that customer drops in to a sales office, or calls your contact centre?  From that point on the worlds of online and offline diverge and your website is left out of the loop.

That's one of the many reasons you should think about integration.

Sitecore is built around opening connections to other business systems and data, and Dog's team of expert developers have years of experience in making these connections work.  We've connected Sitecore to Microsoft Dynamics CRM to ensure office and sales staff have up-to-the-second information about their customers and leads.  They can feed updates from their real-world contact back to Sitecore to keep the conversation relevant when the user returns to the site.

We've also integrated Sitecore with SharePoint and a myriad of niche and bespoke third party business systems to feed data in, and push it out, ensuring information is in-sync across the organisation and the website is placed at the centre of digital operations.

Bring it all together, and let us do the heavy lifting.

A picture paints a thousand words

It's hard to get across what Sitecore can do for you in words on a page. We've just scratched the surface here. Get in touch for a chat with a Sitecore specialist and we'll show you first-hand.