Conceptual design and wireframing hand in hand.

We have been designing world-class websites for over 18 years now. Key to our continued success is ensuring that design, customer journey and content delivery work in hand in hand. Therefore we place a lot of importance on our processes.

At dog we place wireframing firmly in the rationale zone of our design activity. However, experience has shown us that by producing end-to-end wireframes before considering a visual design style results in these wireframes dictating both the visual design of the navigation style and the design of the content template.  To overcome this at Dog we move the conceptual design phase up our own process to follow architectural creation and before detailed wireframing is begun. And we work hand in hand with the UX team at every stage.

Our concept design work begins by having a full appreciation of a client’s requirements. This is preferably done through a series of workshop meetings and our own desk research.

Setting the mood.

We then produce mood boards, exploring how all of the elements from a client’s brand toolkit can be used together, from the colour balance to primary graphic devises and photography to type all within a digital framework.

From the mood boards we go on to design a range of top level pages, exploring different design approaches and how we would use technology from a mobile first perspective to inform how navigation and content can be delivered.

Following this design process has led us to successfully deliver major sites for global clients and it has also delivered numerous awards for Dog.  

Multimedia, Multichannel Design.

We're lucky to have a team with experience in print, above the line, multichannel advertising and digital design. We apply our core design principles to every medium and channel, coming up with the best solution for our clients to ensure their message communicates perfectly with the people they are targeting.