Content Creation


Of course Content Creation touches all aspects of a client’s online presence and therefore it touches all of the digital services Dog provides. So for this section let’s look specifically at the role of creative services in content creation.

It is undeniably true that most clients have some sort of multimedia, rich content on their sites. In truth,  we believe that the key to successful engagement is making the content creative rather than simply going through the process of creating any old content. Therefore producing powerful content such as films or animations, created especially for digital mediums, is a big and ever growing part of our creative product offering.

Not just lights, camera, action.

We like to find solutions using all forms of the moving image. Take a look at the work we’re doing for our clients and you’ll find Live action, animation, motion graphics…whatever brings the idea to life in the most creative and relevant way.

The long and the short of it.

For our clients we’ve made 10-second films, 110-second films and 8-minute films. We’ve shot in ultra slow motion and we’ve shot time lapse. We’ve done talking heads, well (unlike most videos you’ll find online). We’ve done comedy, we’ve done product and we’ve done brand. And they all look the same: Beautiful. 

That’s because we understand that production values are of the utmost importance, whatever the budget. After all we’re showing your company off to the world.