A Brave approach to digital platforms



When Disney-Pixar announced that their latest blockbuster was to be set in Scotland then it was also inevitable that our national tourist board would want to capitalise on it.

When the world’s most famous animation company decides it’s next Oscar winning blockbuster is going to be set in a medieval Scotland then, of course, Scotland’s national tourist board is going to capitalise on the global publicity. And that’s where we came in. VisitScotland turned to Dog to help them do something special. With all eyes on Scotland, our task was to make the most of the attention, capture the magic of the film, and promote the country.


Working in collaboration with both the client’s online team and Disney-Pixar, we created the ‘Library of Scotland’ digital platform.

This was a website development underpinned and led by creative and design strategies.The interactive site extends the fictional universe of Brave by introducing visitors to the drama, excitement and beauty of the real Scotland. Just as Disney–Pixar created an emotional, engaging fantasy world, we were tasked with producing an equally engaging and emotional real life experience. Teaming up with our Bafta award-winning friends at Axis animation we set out to match the quality of both the design and animation of Brave. And through a series of ‘ambition workshops’, the 'Library of Scotland’ was born.



VisitScotland gave Dog a number of key tasks to achieve. Ultimately of course we had one simple aim - to drive the visitor to Scottish locations to explore and discover the real stories for themselves.

The digital world we developed mirrored the impeccably high standards of the movie ‘Brave', captured the magical nature of the film and created an exceptional, immersive digital experience for visitors. And we’re very proud of the results. Here are just a few: Visitor numbers exceeded VisitScotland targets; the website achieved over 150,000 competition entries; and it recorded 44,600 downloads. And we won praise from Disney-Pixar. A fairy tale campaign for all involved.