UEFA Europa League 2012

Making 590,000 new Facebook friends



UEFA wanted an agency to work with them to promote the UEFA Europa League. What could they do to put the fanatic back into fan?

So we pitched against agencies right across Europe to prove we were the partner they needed to promote the UEFA Europa League. What did we do? We’ll show you from kick off to the final whistle.


To win this prestigious account the Dog pitch team took a good look at the strengths of the tournament. And one thing stood out a mile: Its sheer scale and inclusivity.

And that’s how we created our winning “More” campaign. More adventures, more fans, more cities, more memories. Next we chose the most appropriate platform to spread the word and that platform was Facebook. For each of the five rounds Dog created and built a new customised app. Each encouraged users to participate by offering incentives and prizes, enticing participants to remain engaged even if their team were knocked out of the competition.



The UEFA Europa League Facebook campaign was an unprecedented success. Marrying up the social nature of an international sporting tournament and the social platform of Facebook .The results speak for themselves.

The client’s Facebook fanbase grew from 160,000 to 750,000 in less than 90 days. Over 300,000 fans were generated from Facebook adverts alone with an overall CPA of just £0.22. Almost 75,000 users interacted with the apps, providing data capture of over 40,000 email addresses.

….And Facebook approached UEFA to use the campaign as a case study.