Tourism New Zealand

New markets for New Zealand



Visitors flocked to New Zealand around the time of the Lord of the Rings trilogy to experience the magical landscapes of Middle Earth.

Yet once the hype died down, Tourism New Zealand needed help to continue to appeal to a range of visitors in the ASEAN market. It also wanted to stand as a strong global brand in its own right. With a population of 617 million, it was a huge market to target. But Dog was up for the challenge.


First things first, the Dog team learned everything it could about Tourism New Zealand, developing a deep understanding of its core brand values, the global brand strategy and local market business objectives.

Armed with TNZ’s global brand guidelines, as lead creative agency Dog contextualized TNZ’s global brand strategy and assets for the ASEAN market to ensure that the creative campaign resonated with local audiences. For example, sun drenched rainforests aren’t much of a pull for Singaporeans. It’s on their doorsteps. Whereas snow topped mountains and craggy peaks, or fresh air lifestyle scenes, are an enticing prospect for those seeking to escape to their version of paradise.

With the aim of communicating New Zealand as a desirable and viable travel destination, and actively moving target consumers through to purchase, Dog devised a creative campaign strategy that married offline and digital activities. And maximized opportunities presented by tactical joint venture campaigns with relevant brands including Singapore Airlines, Quantas and Air New Zealand.

Targeting families, young couples and groups of friends, Dog delivered a host of country-specific digital marketing, advertising and social media communication activity to promote New Zealand as a pristine, adventurous travel destination, unspoiled by tourism. And importantly, New Zealand as an accessible option for those living in Singapore and Malaysia.

Dog’s campaign ideation centred around creating compelling content interpreted for local tastes, delivered to the target travel audience at the right time and via the most relevant channel for them. And of course, we used the latest targeting and remarketing techniques to maximize impact and campaign cost efficiency.



Having worked with Tourism New Zealand on seasonal campaigns for over two years, the multi-disciplinary marketing and communications campaign designed to: Raise awareness of the country as a travel destination; connect with target consumers; and encourage flight bookings and travel enquiries, has performed extremely well.

So well, in fact, that the brand is shifting focus to shoulder periods of the year – those surrounding peak times – as tourist and visitor demand was so high.

Joint venture campaigns fared equally well, with flight bookings over the course of the seasonal campaigns increasing significantly. The impact of the targeted digital marketing, advertising and social media communication has resulted in the successful launch of Air New Zealand direct flights flying out of Singapore early 2015.

With the focus on the vast Indonesian market, Dog’s latest office is helping Tourism New Zealand boost this previously untapped source.