Tourism New Zealand

Inspiring Indonesian tourists through integrated digital and experiential marketing #NZFamilyTrip



Over 15 years since the release of THAT film, the phenomenon that catapulted New Zealand into the spotlight in 2001 as the land of spectacular Middle Earth and The Shire, the country continues to build its reputation among holidaymakers.

Tourism New Zealand made great headway in the Singaporean markets (check out the campaign here) and had its eyes set on the emerging market of Indonesia. The challenge, however, was encouraging tourists to go beyond traditional holiday destinations across South East Asia.

There were two core objectives. Firstly: Improve awareness and change perception of New Zealand as an exciting and viable holiday destination. And secondly: Create a campaign with legacy to mark the brand’s commitment to the market.

Dog applied experiential and influencer marketing, organic social communication, and social media and display advertising. All with a dose of gamification thrown in, and underpinned by a creative strategy that employed Tourism New Zealand’s global brand assets in such a way as to connect with local families.


Winning experiences #NZFamilyTrip

Central to the brand development strategy was a multi-channel contest named #NZFamilyTrip. The contest invited Indonesian families to create and share films explaining why they should win a family holiday-of-a-lifetime to New Zealand. 

Offering a genuinely high value family experience and tapping into the existing appetite for digital technology and connectivity, #NZFamilyTrip encouraged participation by Indonesian families. Entrants shared the films with friends and family across popular social channels including Facebook, Twitter and Path, so the message was spread among the target community by members of that community.

Take a look at the Maramis family's winning film below.


Communicating the campaign message

Indonesians look for holiday destinations that provide experiences the whole family (often extended) can enjoy, that facilitate family time and relaxation away from the daily grind. And Indonesians rely on recommendations from people they trust, and are willing to make suggestions to friends and families.

Dog harnessed organic and paid social communications along with display, radio and print advertising. We also called on local travel bloggers and superstar actor Joe Taslim to add credibility and encourage participation. And developed a responsive campaign microsite to connect the multiple experiences of this integrated brand development strategy and provide inspiring and useful content.

Creating an impactful brand experience.

Tourism New Zealand created amazing brand experiences in #NZFamilyTrip in two ways. Firstly, the winning family were given the chance to experience the holiday of a lifetime. Secondly, the contest connected target Indonesians to the brand through people they identify with, turning the idea of New Zealand as a viable holiday destination, into a reality.

Activation around the winning family’s experience in New Zealand was crucial to maximising the impact.  Videos and images were created to document the family’s experiences. In addition, rich media user generated content was shared in real time across social channels to both the family’s social community, their friends and family, to Joe Taslim’s community, and to Tourism New Zealand’s social community.

A key element of the campaign, Tourism New Zealand planned professional photo shoots and tasked a videographer with capturing the family’s experiences. This content forms part of Tourism New Zealand’s localised brand assets in future marketing initiatives targeting the Indonesian market.



Tourism New Zealand sought to create a campaign with legacy. This was more than a short term promotion. The strategy was designed to genuinely build a connection with Indonesian families, and build a strong foundation for the brand to continue developing those connections.

The #NZFamilyTrip experiential marketing initiative was effective. It beat KPIs by over 285% with social and ad engagements heading into the millions. Over and above facts and figures, however, the value lies in its facilitation of more relevant communication between the brand and a local community in the future. 

The brand development campaign enabled Tourism New Zealand to create credible and authentic brand assets that showcase an Indonesian family enjoying a holiday experience in the country. An incredibly powerful marketing tool being used in the next phase of the brand development campaign. You can take a look at one of the brand films above.

This was a campaign with legacy; a campaign that sought to engage families and their networks and, ultimately, a campaign that has had a genuine impact on Tourism New Zealand’s business performance in Indonesia.