Singapore Slammers

Building a #SlammersNation in Singapore



If you aren’t aware of the International Premier Tennis League (IPTL), you should take notice. It’s a fast paced league where five teams set up in five countries draft the best of the best in men’s, women’s and legend tennis including Roger Federer, Andy Murray and Belinda Bencic. The league takes place over two weeks in December and travels across the five host countries. The format of the games are short and fast and the players play in teams rather than individuals.

In 2015, one of the host nation teams – the Singapore Slammers - came to Dog. They wanted to make sure they gained maximum awareness of the Singapore Slammers and IPTL brands; drive engagement among social communities and promote ticket sales and VIP packages. With two months until the tournament weekend, the challenge was set.


Dog recognised that the first thing we’d have to do to achieve campaign objectives was to actually create fans of the Slammers team, and of the IPTL. We needed to introduce the event, introduce the players representing Singapore and generate content and stories that Singaporeans could relate to and get behind. Focusing on the fan experience and using the channels Singaporean sport fans already used, Dog set about creating engaging content and amplifying that content among target communities using social media advertising.

The content framework centred around driving interest and excitement pre-tournament and moved to giving fans backstage access to the action once the competition got underway. The team achieved this by producing animated and creative rich content pre event, including contests and player takeovers, and then by getting out and about once the action kicked off. We acted as roving reporters on the ground and shared behind the scenes action of star player appearances, activities, warm ups and produced player messages in real time across Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat. We've stitched together a few of our animations below - get in touch if you need any help in understanding the rules!



The campaign lasted 2 months. Like the tournament itself, it was fast paced and exciting, with great entertainment and returns. The multi channel social media campaign achieved its objectives and its focus on enhancing fan experience through creative content proved successful. So much so that the fly on the wall videos we posted with star players drew more views, on average, that the official IPTL highlights.

Our team players started with the basics, growing the Twitter and Facebook communities by 226% and 1423% respectively. Notably, we received the Twitter blue tick verification, and recorded the fastest community growth of all IPTL team Facebook accounts. Engagement across social channels was high, with Twitter mentions of the brand growing by 1530% from 118 to 1923. On Facebook, we recorded 67,656 targeted engagements with content during the campaign, with 2178 people clicking on the direct link to ticket sales. By putting fans at the centre of the action, we helped the tournament achieve 72% ticket sales on average. A massive improvement on last year, and a strong foundation of the IPTL 2016!