Scottish Enterprise

An Agile approach to a complex project



As Scotland's main economic, enterprise, innovation and investment agency, Scottish Enterprise helps ambitious and innovative businesses grow, and works with public and private sector partners to identify and exploit opportunities and build globally competitive sectors, attracting new investment and creating a world-class business environment.

Scottish Enterprise needs to engage Scottish businesses and global organisations alike, marketing both its own services, and the wider Scottish business landscape. Scottish Enterprise has a vast range stakeholders, users and target audiences that its digital platform must connect with, and serve.

The project to redevelop the Scottish Enterprise (SE) website was challenging. A complete overhaul of the large, content-rich (around 5,000 pages) website was required. The site had sprawled organically to over 8 levels of navigation with no defined user journeys or strategy for conversion. Users were simply getting lost. And the experience was not encouraging repeat visits.

Scottish Enterprise commissioned Dog to create a strategy and deliver a best-in-class digital platform that would better engage customers, address user needs and support their cross channel marketing .


An agile approach was key to delivering the project on-schedule within 6 months.  Our strategists, UX specialists, design and development teams worked together from the outset. Dog undertook research into customer behaviour on the previous SE site, an SEO and site content audit, and a review of personas and all digital marketing activity. We aligned findings with the overarching business strategy and led several immersion workshops with key stakeholders to flesh out the scope of the project.

Beyond updating the design to a contemporary, tiled-based design that kept users’ needs and expectations at the core while creating a consistent brand experience, Dog made a number of impactful recommendations for the enterprise scale website.

We flattened the 8 levels of IA of the previous site to a more manageable 4 levels, improving the relevancy and purpose of supporting content, and providing more structured user journeys to funnel users through to conversion points across the site.

Dog replaced the ‘News’ section with a comprehensive Knowledge Hub, which was promoted to a top level channel. By changing the nature of daily content updates on the site, from posting links to relevant external news sources (which took users out of the site) to creating thought leadership, insight, case studies and rich media resources, the experience for key user groups was enhanced significantly.  And it helps to promote and convert the uptake of SE’s services.

And we integrated a channel of content around ‘Exporting from Scotland’ from a partner website ( to the SE platform. Analytics pathing analysis showed a large proportion of users linking away to the SDI website to consume this content, before returning to the SE website to continue their journey. The move of content made sense, ensuring that website provides full visibility and access to SE’s entire support and service provision.

Exploiting the Digital Marketing System of Sitecore’s CMS platform was fundamental to the success of the project. Dog facilitated content profiling and personas to ensure a personalised user experience and the delivery of relevant, personalised content to users in real time at the correct point in their journey. All while attributing engagement value scores to users when they trigger on-site goals to enable more dynamic digital marketing via the platform.

Dog implemented marketing automation, putting customers automatically into engagement plans on completion of suitable actions, promoting relevant services and support via on-site content and automated email communications.



A huge and technically complex project, the new Scottish Enterprise digital platform has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from client stakeholders as well as from customers.

Scottish Enterprise now have a platform that engages and interacts with all of their stakeholders and key user groups. And it enables the digital and content teams to collaborate in devising and delivering a digital marketing and content strategy with the user at its core, designed and efficiently activated to deliver tangible business impact.

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